He Fights Like a Hornet That's Green


I have just DIED from SWOONING over Jay Chou as Kato. I am commenting now from beyond the grave.
The problem is that it isn't shot in 3D. It's another conversion after the fact process. So far, I haven't seen one instance where that was any good. Alice in Wonderland was awful. Clash of the Titans looked horrible. And The Last Airbender is supposed to look claw out your eyes bad.

The only good 3D that's been done so far is stuff that was shot with 3D cameras, or stuff that was animated (where it's rendered with two virtual cameras).
OMG - Seth Rogen as an action hero?
The End Times are truly upon us.
Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
That being said, I'm probably going to see it opening weekend.
I'm psyched! I'm psyched right NOW!
@3 he actually was one of the voice actors for Kung Fu Panda. It's not his first action hero role.
is that Cameron Diaz's giant head?
@5 There's a wee bit of a difference between voice over work and live action.
I still stand behind my opinion that Seth isn't even in my top 10 of choices for any live action hero role.
But then again, I disparaged TGMD as Lestat in "Interview With the Vampire" before seeing it, and changed my mind after seeing it. The same could happen here.
And yes, crow goes down better with ketchup.
you have no taste
God I can't wait for this current 3D fad to die.

"Avatar" made passably decent use of 3D on occasion, although I liked it just as well in 2D, and without the eyestrain. "Up" was pretty good in 3D. But those are the exceptions. Every other movie I've ever seen in 3D, the effect has been more annoying than anything else. It just comes across as a cheap gimmick to try to increase ticket prices.

Hollywood, please stop.
This movie should be called KATO AND THE GUY WHO BANKROLLS HIM
@10 exactly! Green Hornet is totally Kato's sidekick.
"Will you come on this adventure with me?"

Fuck you, Hollywood. Fuck you.
#3. Yeah, I always loved the original Green Hornet show...just that black lincoln coming through the wall...it was the most hip and elegant of super hero action stories.

The thought of Seth Rogan mugging to the camera every scene sickens me, though no more than Tom Hanks portrayal of Prof. Robert Langdon in "The Davinci Code" as an infantile adult (the look of disgust on his face seeing Audrey Tautou in a short skirt).

Future generations will do some really worthwhile things with 3D. They will look back on what we did, and pity us. I mean anybody who is nerdy enough to take a film history class so obscure that it actually covers early 21st Century attempts at 3D. Film nerds of future generations will not comprehend why our 3D films had such large audiences, or why otherwise decent critics said such non-damning things about this heinous gimmick.
Stoked for everything but Cameron Diaz.
that looks really generic.
3D gives me a horrible headache, but Kato looks cool. Maybe I'll see it when it is on DVD.
Sony wanted to ditch this film, but then realized they'd already spent way too much money on it. Save yourselves, and don't see it.

Sony Exec comment: "Why the hell did we use Seth Rogan?"

Stephen Chow was tapped for Cato and director of this film. He declined the honor.
We need another Seattle actor to play Cato.
@18, also worth mentioning is that Gondry was given an edict to make this a 3D product after the fact, so it's being reverse-engineered, like the recent M. Knight bombtacular.

At least you'll have the theater all to yourself, Paul, provided you get out and see it while it's still in theaters for that week or so.