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Oh god.

The far, far less funny version of this lesbian-who-looks-like-Justin-Bieber story.
That's no 14 y/o boy
Objection! Leading the witness!
Looks like a woman pretending to be a boy. Or, Kim in Portland likes that lovely projection of the thyroid cartilage know as the Adam's apple, and the Adam's apple in the photo does not make me keen to kiss it. Maybe, I just like big Adam's apples. Hmm...
A boy pretending to be a woman pretending to be a boy.
I guessed right. I feel wrong.
Well, after that set-up, it's fairly obvious it HAS to be a 14 year old boy.
I would never had guess. We don't often challenge people gender in reel life. We just do that on TV show and gay parade.
@ 5

How Shakespeare-ian!
I think she's kind of hot. As a woman.
Most of the teenage boys I come in contact with have way cooler haircuts than that.
@10 Poor Mrs. Fnarf. First the bouncy Dutch girls, and now this.
That's hot.
Poor woman. She'll probably have to register as a sex offender, when most likely she's just a little mentally effed up.
One thing I've noticed with teenagers is they don't often distinguish chronological age very well. There is a sense of what's "old" and what isn't, but it tends to be accultured adults who worry about "being 30" or "turning 40".

And competitive singles in their late 20s and 30s tend to be the worst labelers of all because they are trying to cling to that last glow of youth by nitpicking peers and other adults to make themselves seem "still with it".
i read her as female instantly, but the fact that she's 4'11" makes me not so sure i would have gotten it right, had i seen her in person. dressed like a pre-pube boy, the same height as a pre-pube boy, a little awkward maybe, she could totally pass.
Haha, that's rich. Watch out, young girls, for those infatuated butches! ;-)
@14, no doubt she's mentally "effed-up," but she is a sex offender too. Absolutely.
@10: Agreed.

@18: Precisely.
Who said "Mrs. Christopher Ryan on the prowl"? That is a tasteless remark, whoever you are.
oh dear.
Is she TG? News sites aren't always the best at accurately conveying the difference between a trans guy and a "woman posing as a man."
24, Ummm... Either way, what exactly is this woman being charged with and why? According to that notable legal authority, Wikipedia, the age of consent in Ohio is 16. Nobody in this little passion play is under 16, nor are there allegations of force or lack of consent to whatever it is they actually did.

If just lying about your age was a crime, half of America would be in jail. Ditto, lust, seduction, etc.
Fernando Torres.
Wait wait wait. The lede of that article is "It was a real-life Boys Don't Cry?" BOYS DON'T CRY WAS NOT MADE UP. Also, nobody here appears to have been raped or murdered.

I am starting to suspect that Aliyah Shahid has not seen Boys Don't Cry.
I think Dan Savage should acknowledge that this post, like many others, was stolen from Gawker, which stole it from The New York Daily News.
Ooops, I meant, "linked."
It was a real-life "Boys Don't Cry."

Wasn't the real life "boys don't cry"...ya know, the real life boys don't cry?

That's just way too much effort to get laid! Couldn't she just pick up an 18 year old during Pride like normal folks?

Good grief!
Well, considering that the photo is pretty obviously a mugshot, I'm going with the lesbian.
Now that its confirmed, I wonder how the right way to handle this would be. I mean, I know how these things are handled in practice; sexual contact (pretty lightweight, considering the article says the victim never realized the real gender) with a 16 year old is treated as equivalent to brutally sodomizing an 8 year old, because our culture is that fucked up. But how would a sane people handle this? I'm guessing that some form of sexual assault charge would be in order, below full rape and above mere harrasment. This girl was presumably consenting to contact with a boy, not a woman, so sexual contact with a woman was done without consent. I wish Dan could fill us in on how he would handle this. Maybe throw her into a room full of lesbian mothers?
I see what looks like an Adams Apple but why would you even care if it were just a boy? So it's a woman.
The jaw is way too weak for a male of any age really. My 1 1/2 year old son has a stronger jaw/chin than that.
Not real life boy's don't cry. That pisses me off as there nothing in this story that correlates to the sad case of Brandon Teena. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Tee…

I'm not sure if she was transgendered or not. The media would be the last to tell us that. However that would make all the difference on how I view this case.
Now, why was this worthy of mention? Is it because it is so rare to have a woman, a lesbian even, within spitting distance of pedaphelia (which this isn't)?
@27: I was just about to comment on the same thing. I was kind of horrified by it.
No fourteen-year-old is capable of that kind of thousand-yard stare. Fourteen-year-olds don't understand consequences and shame well enough to look into the distance like that.
Well she is charged with corruption of a minor, probably just means she got the girl drunk. So that makes sense.

But whats the unlawful sexual conduct though if 16 is the age of consent in Ohio? I wonder if its because she misled-to-have-sex which is sometimes illegal (so Barney Stinson should be serving 20-to-life probably).

Sounds like a prosecutor and willing judge ($100000 bail?) trying to throw the book at the lady for the good press.
Does the age of consent include a maximum age differential? Could make a difference.

(just looked it up) No, I guess they don't.
Yeah, let's not get too caught up in the "OMG a lesbian sex offender WTF!?" hysteria. There's no sex offense going on here - everything's legal according to the age of consent laws in Ohio. Some definite skeeziness, absolutely, but it's not illegal to lie to someone in order to get them into bed. If it were, I think every damn one of us would be in jail.
I could have sworn at first that this was Rachel Maddow.
Those Lebanese!
Uh...the 'real life boys don't cry line' is not only really irrelevant but kind of horrifyingly offensive.

journalism fail.
The lesson here is: Girls, if you spend three nights in a hotel room with a "boy" for three days and you haven't seen enough of him to know for sure that he is male, there are now two options: the old option - he's gay, or the new option - "he" is a 31-year-old cross-dressing lesbian passing herself off as a 14-year-old boy to get in your pants.
If the truth be known, a lot of straight men would try to do the same things as that dyke (if they thought they could get away with it).
The woman's parents are defending her, saying she was framed, but there's so much wrong with all of this.