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"A Florida appellate court has ruled it is perfectly legal..."

You have to love the wording on that. It's as though someone petitioned the court to allow this, as opposed to the court being unable to find suitable grounds to convict the man with the charge against him.

And 'perfectly legal' isn't exactly true in this case either. It's not 'perfectly legal', the cops just failed to charge him appropriately. Then again, righteous indignation attracts readers...
Isn't Beck a scientologist?
I thought Beck was one of those people who had been raised in Scientology and then gotten the fuck out and never looked back (or made his experiences public), similar to Neil Gaiman.
#3 - Sorry, but no...he is currently a practicing Scientologist. He is a former speed-freak though.
After hearing that song, my opinion of Beck remains the same: He sucks.

Beck would be a much better band if they got rid of Beck.
regarding the Mariners, I don't know if it's lazy fans so much as it's shitty press. Milton Bradley commented how the press in Seattle leaves him alone and doesn't bother him like the press did in Chicago, and I'm sure he's right. if the News Tribune hadn't caught Griffey napping he'd probably still be on the team sucking his own old dick right now. There's no P-I anymore, the Times is a joke, The Stranger covers horrible art and cunty neighborhood disputes but they won't stoop to the ape-gruntitude of sports.

If the Seattle press actually had the stature to put pressure on the team so that the public cared, then Fucktendo might spend some more money. Having said that, Z seems to have SOME idea of what he's doing and I've optimistic for next season like a naive Peter Pan returning to the window of an old whore
...waiting for Dan Savage to complain about how hot it is.
Neil Gaiman is underwriting Scientology. The Scientologists list Neil Gaiman in the Cornerstone Newsletter along with Mary Gaiman, as contributing $35,000.00 in 2009. Being listed in the Cornerstone Newsletter means you are in good-standing with the cult.

In 2010, Mary Gaiman was awarded the "Gold Humanitarian Award" for her contribution of $500,000.00 to Scientology. This is significant because Mary Gaiman continues to be Neil Gaiman’s business partner in The Blank Corporation, which is now Neil Gaiman's Scientology front and how he pays the cult.

Gaiman is also the "Vitamin Heir" of Scientology. The Gaiman family owns G&G Vitamins which reaps 6 million a year from selling The Purification Rundown Vitamins.

Gaiman's two sisters, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calciole are not just high-ranking Scientologists, they are the head of RECRUITING and the head of Wealden House, the Scientology stronghold in East Grinstead. These two cannot associate with Neil unless he is in good standing.

Amanda Palmer would not be allowed anywhere near this royal family of Scientology unless she was also a Scientologist.