Lotsa Women Comin' Together To Make Sure Their Children and Grandchildren...


ugh, my blood pressure hurts.
She just gave me brain cancer.
You 'less popular with women' tag is REALLY old. Don't you have anything more current?
I can't decide who's been a greater asset to the democratics: Sarah Palin or George W. Bush?
gah. democrats, not democratics
What's with all the Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens shots?!? Did somebody go to the SouthPark School of Directing & Videography?!?
"I think of the mama grizzlies risin' up on their hind legs to protect their cubs...when i'm shootin' at em from a helicopter"
Meanwhile the "Papa Bears" are cruising the rest stop circuit for BJs before they come home and post some rants on Stormfront about the gubmint.
Seriously? I didn't hear one iota of substance. Not one.

What "I" heard was something that sounded like a Playtex Feminine Hygiene advertisement.
"Because moms kinda just know when something's wrong"

"Just kinda knowing something's wrong" sums up Palin's opposition to rational policy pretty well. Who needs facts when you just kinda know that you're right?
Is she a tard?
Palin also isn't popular with people who have functioning brains, either. Seriously - no content, no substance, nothing but crazy rhetoric about nothing. It's obvious that John McCain HATES America since he introduced that lying, bag of gas to the political stage. Oh the humanity....
Olive @ 7 wins the thread.
@10: Exactly what I'm thinking.
sarah and i agree about something after all- i don't like the "fundamental transformation" either.
I'm with Schwei; the link is to Oct 2008 and probably does not at all relate to current views about the lipstick wearing grizzly
I am frightened by her blind, deaf and dumb followers.
We've had universal health care in Australia for a while now... In the United States it seems to be a little different with Universal Health Insurance. Obviously more coverage for more people is a good thing and I can't even figure out what her (Palin's) argument is against it.
Of course Palin is less popular with women. She's among the hottest 50 year old women on the planet. Men wish their wives looked so good, and women hate her for looking so good.

Both shallow, apolitical, positions.

The fact that she's so stupid she should be gluing macaroni onto circles of paper is irrelevant to the fact that many men would love to stuff a bright red ball gag in her mouth, and a big purple cock up her ass.
Do you know why THIS woman despises that cunt? One, because she is a cunt-faced bitch, and two because she seems to think that just because I have a vagina I'm stupid enough to vote for her sorry ass.
I am saying no...to Palin.
@19 Hustler already did that one (sans the ball gag) with Lisa Ann starring as Serra Paylin.

@20 I love what you just said.