Washington Senate Race Mystery: Where Is Dino Rossi on America's Two Wars, and the Funding for Them?


Rossi is following the current GOP playbook: Stay away from issues, don't address specifics. Just keep reminding everyone you are not a Democrat and not an incumbent (where applicable. Tea Baggers are incapable of rational thought so the main strategy is to keep repeating phrases that appeal to emotion and stay away from facts.
Comrade Dino, like most Socialist Republicant Party of No comrades, belongs to a party that used to rail against foreign wars of adventure and against regulations, but can't get his head out of his ass long enough to realize that means:

Iraq - where the resources we "captured" now belong to China and Russia.

Afghanistan - where the resources we "captured" now belong to China and Russia.

heck, read George Will's column in today's Washington Post if you want to hear the conservative argument for legalizing MJ.
Sounds like the same dead silence we get from Rick Larsen up here in the north end.

He's happy to pander with the HRC when donations are involved, but won't make a statement or even reply to his constituents concerning anything that has "gay" attached to it. . .you know ..that navy base in Everett where there are no homos unless a contribution is forthcoming.

Dino likes being a loser. Didier is going to kick his ass.
Why the media only focus on Rossi & Murray. There are other candidates. We need to elect officials based on their strength of ideas, not party affiliations. Equal coverage for all candidates. There should be a debate/forum for US Senate candidates. The public needs to know their choices. Give voice to Democracy over money and politics!!!!
I am one of those other candidates as is Charles Allen. Charles is approching all the televison outlets in Seattle and Spokane to try to get one to host a debate/forum for all candidates. Not only are Murray and Rossi getting nearly all the press; they are "laying low', choosing not to participate in the few forums being held. Worse yet, the State (read incumbents) decided not to print a voter's pamphlet this year. Most counties will not print info. on the U.S. Senate race either. Candidate statements will be online only, meaning that few voters will gain knowledge about the lesser funded or unfunded candidates.

To learn more about my campaign which is organized around getting money out of politics, go to http://www.bobburr4senate.com . You will find my answers to all of the issues included in Project Vote Smart's Political Courage Test. Neither of the two frontrunners have ever had the courage to take this test or the courtesy to let the voters know where they stand on all of the issues.