Jay Leno Actually Manages...


Maybe that worthless piece of excrement Bill Donahue should stop worrying about Leno and start holding the Church and its priests to a higher standard.
I think this is very funny from Jay Leno.. I believe the joke is great and more people should read it.. B/c its really ture:) And I don't every think Jay is funny
That's actually pretty amazing, because the story itself is anything but funny.
No one ever said that Leno can't steal good jokes, or hire funny people to write them for him.
Did anyone else notice that the writer said that the priests who abuse children are homosexual? I think it is important to differentiate between the two types of sexualities. Adult homosexuals desire adult homosexuals, whereas child molesters desire children. It can be taken from the author's writings that gays desire children, which is not the case. If someone desires children of the same sex, it does not make them gay, it makes them a child molester.

I think it is imperative that Dan, as well as others make sure to clear up these semantics. Let me repeat myself, adults who sleep with children of the same sex should not be regarded as homosexual or gay, they should only be regarded by the target of their sexual desires.

In order to make the progress of de-homophobia-sizing those who are 'in the middle' or 'slightly right-leaning', the semantics surrounding sexualities and how we refer to them, must be distinguished. As long as there is a belief that gays like children, equal rights will never be accomplished.

Wouldn't a priest have a lot more access to little boys than he would to little girls? They don't have altar girls, do they? Because the priests are pedophiles, it wouldn't matter all that much if their victim is male or female. Saying they are gay is a slam to homosexuality, isn't it?
Pile of poo.
Donohue, in dudgeon from his little pisspot of an epistle:

"The priest he was talking about was a homosexual; so are most of the abusing priests. Does Jay Leno have the guts to tell jokes about gay priests?"

The difference, Billy boy, is that a man having consensual sex with a man is not even remotely the same as a man raping a child.

One of these things is not like the other. Donohue needs to remove the beam from his own eye before trying to pluck at the mote of "bigotry" he claims to see in Leno's.
@6: Many parishes have had altar girls since, I think, the mid-1980s.
@5: I did notice it and was just about to comment on it. Shucks.
Um excuse me, but the real issue is that if Leno is actually funny, well, it kind of undermines your faith, doesn't it? I know if the guy ever made me laugh, I'd wonder if there was anything at all I could believe in.
So why don't we read more in the media and hear more jokes on late night television about sexual abuse perpetrated by rabbis and iman?

It could be anti-Catholic bias.
Or it could be that rabbis and imans are free to marry and thus people with perhaps healthier senses of their sexual selves and people who have outlets for their sexual expression can happily fulfill their callings to being rabbis and imans and don't have to resort to child rape or rent-boys or -girls for sex.

But Roman Catholic priests... not so much.
I don't know about imams. but the rabbi sex scandals I know about happened when the rabbi slept with a grown woman who wasn't his wife. People have affairs all the time, it's not that newsworthy.

I find myself wondering why it seems to me that the more conservative a church is, the more likely it is that when the leaders of that church get involved in a sex scandal the offense is going to be that much worse. Like, Unitarian ministers and Reform rabbis get caught sleeping with someone they're not married to who's an adult, but evangelical protestants get caught with teenagers and so on. I think it just may be confirmation bias, but I'm not sure. Anyone care to hazard a guess?
Leno still isn't funny.
There's an argentinean tv presenter in argentina. A priest had said that gays were 30 times more violent than straight people, and that they're relationships were less reliable, and shorter than straight's. Jorge Lanata (the TV presenter's name) told him that he was an asshole and should read and take care of his ass in in the bishp's residence bathroom.
The vid is on youtube.

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