Come to the First Ever Slog Happy Spelling Bee Tonight!


You keep writing "vitaminwater social club" and I keep cracking up.
i'll be they're.
now if you said they had freezee pops and ice cold margaritas ...

You guys are making me want to move to Seattle...sigh...spelling bees AND's like an old English major's wet dream.
Come on down and bring the mister, Canuck! I'm sure by the time we have the next bee the "vitaminwater social club" will have changed its name to something less embarrassing.
Ok, I'll bite: what's a "vitaminwater social club" and why do I want to give them money?
@7, it's a "concept" from Coca-Cola, owner of Glaceau, maker of Vitaminwater, which is inserting itself via sponsorship into the young-ish marketplace via dollars and 'edgy-style blogs' promoting places like local all-ages venue Vera Club, who can't afford to say no to the bucks and free promotion.

They've taken over this other local neighborhood place where the Stranger decided to let the spelling bee happen for Slog, which has done a good job covering the lengths to which sodamakers like Coca-Cola are playing dirty to fight off the proposed budget-saving soda tax in this state.
Thanks, Gus! And a name change would be good, because i don't want water or vitamins anywhere near mah beer...