Speaking of Incestuous Child Rape…


Holy mackerel, that's squicky.

Wiki say that in "Taxi Driver", the movie Robert De Niro's character creeps out Cybil Shepherd by taking her to was one actually written by those authors, a film picketed by 30,000 Londoners when a cinema there tried to show it, a film that had three sequels and a remake.

This would make an interesting series at Northwest Film Forum, no?

Is it me, or are they relating interracial sex to bestiality in the second to last paragraph?
I was just going to say that same thing, @2. That, to me, is just as bad as the other stuff.

Just...ick...all the way around.
That whole thing is confusing and bizarre.

I don't think it was translated correctly.
See also Bestiality?

Between that and saying lots of little girls want to be fondled, it's hard to call out the biggest WTF in this article. It brings to mind the more insane passages of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask.
@5 sorry, never read that.

Is that the one that Woody Allen made into a movie, where he was one of the sperm?
My jaw has been hanging open in horror for so long, I'm sure my coworker is worried.

*shudders* Holy crap! Normally Dan is the one posting comments that shouldn't be read during lunchtime. Appetite ruined!
@6 - that's the movie. Don't forget the giant boob that chases him around the park, or Gene Wilder's love affair with a sheep.

The book it was based on was popular in early 70's, but presented some insanely stupid information. My mom had a copy hidden in her nightstand. I filled my head with some ridiculous notions, especially about homosexuality. It was a really bad book.

I don't think a bad translation can account for *that*. And Danish is pretty similar to English.
Woody Allen's movie was based on "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex," not "The Joy of Sex."

Jesse, if you want a chilling sex book, check out "Show Me!" by Will McBride. You can read about it on wikipedia. Hey, it looks like it's on the Seattle Library's list of banned books.


The age of consent in The Kingdom of Denmark is 15.
The placing of "see also Bestiality" caught me too. Here's the part of the Bestiality section they are referring to:
Jewish law originally decreed the death penalty for bestiality. This law was adopted by Christianity and extended. Intercourse between a Christian and a Jew was thus regarded as bestiality because a non-Christian was comparable to an animal. (In South Africa today it is the negroes who are the "animals" with whom it is regarded as bestiality to have intercourse.) Both parties were therefore executed in the same way that both the man and the animal were executed in the Middle Ages.
oh wow that is fucked up.
Is the caption to the attached picture really trying to insinuate that breastfeeding is somehow equivalent to child-rape? Or is it just me?

I know I'm weird, but I really don't see the problem with this. It seems right to me: risk of physical harm, possible risk of mental harm depending on the circumstances, different rules and ages of consent for different cultures. Can someone explain what's so horrible about this?