Bars with Outdoor Seating! Also: A/C and Ice Cream


Nickerson in Fremont. Best hamburger sammich in town, and there's no shortage of good beers on tap
There's a gelato place 2 blocks north of the Red Door and an ice cream place 1 block east of the Red Door plus they serve a tall frosty pitcher of hard cider too - and kids can go anywhere but the deck outside.

makes great for soccer with kidlings cause they have good munchies.

and nod to Nickerson. yum!
for Ivar's on Lake Union - you can tie up your kayak or canoe or boat when you go there. Great rest stop!
Agua Verde fer the kayak set, too
@4 true dat. they have nice drinks.
Somebody give the Chow Intern a BJ.
Can't recommend Full Tilt highly enough. I was at the fabulous punk rock ice cream arcade in White Center last night and had a double scoop of honey lavender and absinthe ice cream made with real imported absinthe. On their hand-rolled fresh waffle cone. For $3.50 it's one of the best summer deals in Seattle.
Because clearly when the heat is sweltering at the hottest part of the day, the best thing to do is switch to hard liquor.

That said. Highline also has a free air hockey table.
Maximilien in the Market has a huge deck and buckets of beers. Bastille in Ballard has seating, and Ray's in Ballard has a massive deck.
Don't forget to check out The Lookout on Cap Hill at Bellevue^3 (ave./pl./ct.)! One of the best sunset views from a bar in the city from the back porch
OMG why the hell would anyone want to sit out on a deck when it's 95 degrees out? Are you insane?
The Garage doors are open at Bizzarro Italian Cafe, with a glass of Rose' and a plate of tuscan melon with prosciutto di parma- Bliss.
treehouse in balard/fremont has a huge deck!