Reefer Madness


Who else loves that the acronym is VAG? *toke*
I still remember one of the painted Venetian doors from a Venetian cafe on display in SAM still smelled of cigar and cigarette smoke. From the original usage in the cafe.

This is why you ban them in museums.
I always thought smoke went up? so how is it possible that its damaging art in a basement?
also, lol at the VAG acronym (and how the out-of-towners are never quite sure how to say it)
So, basically, there's more pot smoke than exhaust on Robson Street? The kids just sit on the back steps, which doesn't have an entrance to the museum, and you certainly don't smell it just walking by, unless it's 4/20. To suggest that the VAG's ventilation system is so poor that pot smoke is filtering in means exponentially more damage must be coming from all the vehicle exhaust. It's also a really beautiful building. It would be really sad to see it moved to some anonymous glass fronted structure.
a new Vancouver Problem :P