Where Is Jim McDermott on the Tunnel Debate?


I tried to press Play, but all I could find was some weird arrow icon in a button.
Young or Old, slimball Liburbs are out in force to drain down the taxpayer with the boondoggle known as "The Tunnel"...
McDermott for Governor.
Is there no mental room at all at The Stranger for those that rather like the idea of channeling our traffic in a tunnel? Or is it pure idee-fixe here that all tunnels equal evil? And those that support them must be subject to all manner of ad-hominem? Would you close existing tunnels? There are several, and they serve Seattle relatively well. Do you know about the Great Northern Tunnel? It was dug with none of the horror that many of you here maledict. -sigh-

Have none of you traveled? Europe is nothing but cities with tunnels where they all serve to make the surface (dwellers) happier.
He's clearly been advised that the tunnel has become for you guys what the sinking of the Maine was for Hearst, and is doing his best to tiptoe through the interview without getting shanked. I rather suspect he knows you're not done with him.
@4 you're missing the fucking point. It's not any tunnel, it's THIS tunnel. Tunnels make sense in many instances. Tunnels that won't serve the majority of people and are likely to bankrupt the city for generations patently do not.
He did not give you an answer.
Read Richard Conlin's op/ed in Publicola as carefully as you parsed McDermott's tap-dance and you will see that Richard Conlin was as much in agreement on cost overruns as the congressman.
Meh.... Tri-party negotiation between city, state, and feds. We're clearly still in the deck-chair-arranging phase.

McD has other things to worry about (rightly or wrongly)
This is an interesting piece. Kind of hard to follow in spots. I just wish McD would retire so we can have some fresh representation in the House. His pension would be plenty, plenty to live off of now, and he could spend all his time advocating for social programs and human rights, etc., probably more effectively than now.
i'm with @9. we need someone like... like... i'm running through all our pols in the 7th... like...

MUDEDE! do it, Charles!
I can't wait to walk my pitbull through the tunnel.
@3 I agree. Once we form the State of Seattle, with Sealth County, we'll be golden.

After all, we'll have as much population as Rhode Island = and a higher GDP.
oh, and @6 for the insightful win.
@9 IF he retires Seattle will lose out big time. McDermott is a senior legislator who has the most safe seat in the house. He is able to vote for whatever he truly believes in because his ultra liberal district will back him up. He does not have to negotiate or settle very often.

Sure anyone replacing him would also likely have a safe seat but his seniority gives him so much clout it would be quite a loss to lose him as our rep.
@14, I agree, he should stay on until he is on death's door; look how well that's worked in the US Senate the past couple of years?

All because one can win an election doesn't mean that one should run. We need fresh liberal blood in the House and Senate....and we need it now.
He lost me the first time he mentioned Curitiba as a road-integrated mass-transit solution. That particular all-purpose hypothetical go-to solution is a kool-aid that anyone with half a clue should know to avoid.

Congressman, are you going to find us funding for an 8-line (in-city), entirely lane-segregated network with 80-foot buses that arrive every 60 seconds and open their multiple doors to a 100% level, pre-paid boarding area that requires no additional ramps or straps for wheelchair passengers? No? Well then shut the fuck up about Curitiba!
Eli Sanders slime does not make good reporting. Cheating, manipulating and posting things out of context so you can get the fame you’re dreaming of won’t take you far.
Why don’t you study this:


This is specially for you:

Never distort the content of news photos or video. Image enhancement for technical clarity is always permissible. Label montages and photo illustrations.
— Avoid misleading re-enactments or staged news events. If re-enactment is necessary to tell a story, label it.
— Avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information except when traditional open methods will not yield information vital to the public. Use of such methods should be explained as part of the story
Is it bad form for one of the candidates to jump into the comment pool on this topic? It's unfortunate they're not showing the video of how all of the candidates answered. We all have very different opinions on the subject. My official stance is that if the state wants to dig a hole, that's their prerogative, but it's not my responsibility to bring in federal dollars to clean up the mess, so they'd better be ready to front the entire bill. Were it up to me, I'd choose the transit option, but unless we have a vote that doesn't mean much.

What's your opinion on federal intervention on state financing problems?