"It's very hard for her; it's her third summer in which she is just waiting..."


this is 1st post wherein i've felt your empathy for her. now here come the haters.
A very touching post. Timely, too - happy birthday, Amanda.
Wait, so now Knox and her *parents* are going to be tried for "slandering" the Italian police? What the fuck is up with that?
Charles I agree that your empathy for Amanda is touching, but I think your theory about how people remember summers vs. winters is based on the false premise that everyone enjoys the warmth of summer and despises the cold of winter. I for one can recall my winters more easily. For me winter is a time for my favorite activity, skiing. I can remember each winter that has passed clearly and vividly because I link these memories to the amount of snow that winter, how many powder days I skied, when I first learned to ski bumps, when I first landed a 360, etc. Summer, on the other hand, is usually spent in the air conditioned office, or unmemorable trips to the beach.
charles, you stack words very nicely sometimes.
Beautiful photo.
Nicely done, Charles. Very touching.