Mystery Yearbook Photo


Brilliant. High school does strange things to people.
Should I be proud or ashamed that I don't know who she is, even after seeing her name?
So adorable! Had she been born 30 years earlier, she might've looked like this until she died, after a long life as a senator's functionally alcoholic wife who suffers mysterious itches whenever she sees Martina Navratilova play tennis on television.

Instead, she's Queen of All Lefty Media, and America's hunkiest dyke. It's wonderful.
pearl-necklace-on-a-lesbian joke goes here?
That reminds me I've been meaning to give up and get a pro to do something about my eyebrows.
Rachel = love.
Fernando Torres?
ha. nice, savage.
She is a lovely woman, then and now. And, man did we look a like, except for my high cheekbones and square jaw. Good to know high school senior portraits are so consistently boring.
love. but like her better now. :P
@2 ashamed

I always think she looks like a drag queen when she's femmed out (like when MSNBC puts her in heavy eye shadow), but maybe I'm just projecting.

Also, anyone seen her recent reporting in Kabul? It's so weird seeing her in a head scarf.
My first guess was that it was a cross-dressing guy who'd be totally hot with short hair. Love Rachel though.
See - if she just let her hair grow and wore nice dresses, she could definitely meet a nice boy.
@2 - you should be ashamed. She's only the most articulate lefty pundit on the planet. Her segments on politicians' hypocrisy, showing footage of a politician saying one thing, and then saying the complete opposite are not to be missed.

On a less relevant note, she blew past Portia De Rossi as straight males most desired lesbian about 2 years ago. This pic certainly isn't going to hurt that sentiment.
She's gone through quite a few transformations. If you think that's shocking, check this out:…

Personally, I like her current look the best, whether she's on-air or not.
i had my fingers crossed that it was jean enersen.
Hey look, it's LAST WEEK.
i thought, "hot jewish babe. i love me some jap babes..." but then i see it is rachel maddow. so, now i just realize it is some hot shicksa (sp) babe.

i love rachel!! she's even better looking now.
@11 & 14 - well damn. In my defense, I don't have a TV and barely understand the concept of "pundits". It's a cultural thing evidently - wiki lists 5 "pundits" in my home country (two I actually know of), and... I don't even have the time to count the list it has of pundits in the US. It's a foreign concept to me, pun intended.
Not cheating. I think it's Greta van Susteren.
Oh wow, wrong side of the aisle.
@19, in England you could walk through a public park or square and find rows of people standing on empty soapboxes trying to attract audiences with shouting and waving. Here on US basic cable we call them pundits, and Maddow's the best of a bad, bad lot.
@3: That would make some great AU fic (if media personality fanfic existed). Does it?
Waaay too easy. That asymmetric smile is so distinctive.
WIthout looking, I say Rachel Maddow.
Its like she looks exactly the same. Except plus hair and pearls. fascinating.
Rachel Maddow or Dan Savage.
Rob McKenna?

she's definitely the best thing the Left has...
which is why Fox kicks ass with one hand behind its back.
when will you hipsters learn-
smoking hot perky blonde newsbabe
smarmy smug dyke.
e v e r y t i m e.
Dan's crush on Rachael is kind of cute.
He should offer to have her baby....
First thought was "I don't know, but this is definitely from my time of getting through high school (i.e., ca. 1990)." Like my old yearbook photo, which was taken during the summertime, I also had this peculiar tan almost to the button of what Rachel had in hers. What 18 or 20 years out of high school will do to bring forth some "Whoa, all that happened in just those years!" moments never cease to grab people's attention. I would have found her hot then as I do now. But so much hotter now, without contest.

This old stuff spilling out as a consequence of being a highly public figure is probably a big reason — possibly the biggest — why I chose early on to stay as private as I possibly could after about grade 12: I didn't want stuff like this going around and people saying asinine crap like, "Oooh, look how much she's changed in two decades!" Uh, duh. Let's dismiss who we are now with the way we had to present ourselves whilst under the roof of our parents.

If you still pretty much look like your yearbook photo from twenty years previous, "UR DOIN IT RONG." Or else your obsession with the plastic surgeon and glory days ("high school's the best years of your life!") is something which can only be described as a pathology.

That said, Rachel's necklace and matching earrings back then is total lulzy. I suspect she wasn't pleased about having to do this in the slightest.
Rachel is like a corn kernel in the cesspool that is cable news.
one pearl per earlobe would have been better
That is a sorority picture.
Prettiest girl on the softball team!
Hehe, I'm proud of myself for getting that one right away.

That being said, it's really only the hair that's changed. Her face now is very much what it was when she was a teenager.
If I were a lesbian I'd be this one. Totally love this babe.
I would have been hot for her then, and I still am now (love the short cuts!)

And yeah, I'm a straight dude.
OMFG RACHEL?!!!!!!!! Recognition was instant, but I'd easily believe it was a photoshop. Her face is exactly the same, but the rest of her just doesn't fit, somehow. I like her much better as she is today.
Looks like Rachel Maddow to me.
Awesome. I think she looks better (to a het male) as a blonde, she doesn't look as much like Wil Wheaton.
Wow, I'm kind of amazed how many people got it right, right awa. I LOVE HER!! Thanks for sharing!
I am a straight female and I think she's hotter now. I would totally have a threesome with her and Jon Stewart.
I feel awful for not noticing it was Rachel based on facial recognition.

Then I saw the neck mole and I blushed a little on the inside. I love her so!
I've always been a straight girl, but would totally be willing to help Rachel earn her toaster oven, no matter what she looked like (though she always looks lovely). She has the most beautiful grace and dignity.
I have such a huge crush on her. I love Rachel Maddow.
no joke, guessed "anne coulter". aww rachel maddow :)