Draft Nancy Pearl


Sell off the Central Library building and get back to business.
This is a great idea, Paul. I just wrote to the Mayor - everyone should!
@will, the library buildings are built with bonds that are set aside specifically for these reasons, and can't be used to fund staff, or pay other bills. until the funding structure changes the library is stuck in this mess. it is even harder because people see all these beautiful buildings going up and old libraries getting renovated and don't understand why that money can't go into keeping the libraries open convenient hours, or keeping much needed staff. if the bond money for buildings could be used for staff, surely they would do it.
Nancy Pearl is an ace self-promoter (quick, name something she's involved with at the library that doesn't have her name slapped on it) and she knows how to work the media toward that end. Way to carry her water.
@3 costs money to keep it occupied.

The people who work there don't like it either.
Nancy Pearl will be on KUOW Weekday Monday morning, in case you want to ask her about it directly.
Oh wait, and Mayor McGinn will be on right after her. Hmm, will they meet in the green room?
Please join the Put Nancy Pearl on the Seattle Public Library Board Facebook group and support Nancy! She is really the best!