Flickr Photo of the Day


This reminds me of some of the fantastic graffiti I see on train cars as I sit, waiting, at the crossing. I often think, "How on earth did they have the time to do that," and, "I hope they're using that talent in other ways, such as a job."
Dammit, I'm getting (probably needlessly) confused about the concept of the "photo of the day". Last time it was a photo of an illustration, now it's a photo of graffiti - which artist are we giving props to here? Isn't there more interest in the graffiti itself than in the documentation of that graffiti?
Ooooh! Fancy painted letters overlapping each other! How cutting edge (for 1960).
I really wish they'd stop aping styles that were played out in the 1970's. "But yo, he's got mad control!" Yeah, so does the guy who painted the trim around my windows but I don't consider him an artist either.
check out
I encourage anyone whose house has decent quality window trim painting to photograph it and submit it to the Stranger Flickr pool now. Now. You absolutely could win the money. Deserve to win it!
Our close ally Israel spied on us. Jonathan Pollard? Prisoner exchanges with Israel? No. Not so much.
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