World Cup Final! Spain vs. The Netherlands!


Thanks for liveslogging most of the best parts this go-round. The moment Castillas raised the Cup just now was delicious.
Spontaneous drumming and dancing on college street! Ramos kisses the cup as if it was me! People high fiving on the street! What a glorious day in Toronto!
Sorry about that. My exclamation mark button must have gotten stuck.
I have to say, it's almost three hours later and I still can't see straight. That 3-D has done a number on my eyebones.
as fnarf mentioned early in the liveslog, the spanish team was indeed muy guapos. and all that hair! me gusta.

it was a pleasure to watch the game along those nifty livesloggers, fnarf, abby, sean and christopher. an added bonus: i met tim keck, a lovely fellow, and his friend with the cool hat. christopher, don't cry too much, or your eyes will get all swollen. even though your team didn't win, it was a great match. VIVA ESPANA!!!
And thus spake the Octopus.
Is anyone else still hearing those accursed vuvuzelas?
Looks like Paul the Oracle Octopus was right. Damn that prognosticator, I'm going to consult him from now on.

It was a boring game from my point of view at Bastille Day Festival. Germany scores better than the those two (EspaƱa and Nederland). I waited and waited for someone to score in order to get some good crowd shots. Almost gave up after about 80 minutes.
@10, yeah, for all the hype, that was an amazingly boring tournament. It still managed to out-boring the Superbowl and World Series. I was expecting the game to end with a shootout tie, and then one of the refs arbitrarily awarding the trophy to one team on a technicality, like a nonregulation hairstyle penalty or something.
Glad you liveslogged it, even if I missed it.

Had fun watching it at the Red Door with a friend and our two sons. Damn but I love pitchers of cider!
@11 - um, the German-Paraguay game was kind of fun, especially with the 1-2 turning into 3-2 and the final attempt at the end.