Ladies and Gentlemen, the Amazing Mark Driscoll


Well, Mark has a hard job trying to brainwash his followers.

But is it just me or does he look like a FF Bottom? And that scream just sounds like something you would hear roaring out of a sling room at Club Z (from what I've heard)
Wow. He's a bigger jackass than I imagined. This is akin to a WWF Rant.
@2, well WWF viewers are his key demographic...
My father's name wasn't Adam.
"You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!"

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this video. While I am an atheist and generally hate Driscoll's ridiculous "biblical" positions on womens' issues like porn, general subservience to men, etc - this seems to at least preach a defensible sentiment. Who's going to argue with preaching that men shouldn't claim to be a virtuous Christians and domestically abuse their partners, even if he DOES seem to be channeling Rowdy Roddy Piper while doing so?

If he's got a captive audience of people who already seem to believe his crap (there's a Mars Hill in Belltown), and if he has to tell them ANYTHING, I'd much rather he tell them that than some of the other things he seems to belt out at the pulpit.
Timothy 2:12
I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.
6: Still, it's nice he thinks those silent women shouldn't be roughed up or degraded. (Seriously!)
I like it around 2:08 "It robs all of your masculinity" and his fingers are about an inch and a half apart. If that's all of his masculinity, I guess I kinda feel bad for his wife. Any word on whether god did actually kill anyone in the audience then and there for premarital sex (4:55)?
Same Driscoll, different day
He still looks like he's going to split his skin any second now, like a sausage on the grill.
People like this make me shudder. Money grubbing psycho.
what a nice way to frame the softer, kinder, more touchy-feely patriarchy...

oh yeah brother, I am filled with the gender based hierarchy implicit in the repressive structure that dwells within the very notion of a monotheistic holy spirit, can I get an a mens.
I don't know why, but there are a lot of people who prefer a preacher who makes them feel bad. The best example of this sort of preacher is portrayed by Ian McClellan in the movie "Cold Comfort Farm"…
@13 -- Actually, the best example is Jonathan Edwards.
Classic Billy Sunday shit. All about getting the donations. Very little to do with regard to women or their abusers.
Boy, some people really like being told what to do.
holy crap - what a nutter. i pass by his ballard palace often and everytime i do in the future, i will think of this insane rant. saying this is akin to WWF wrestlers is right on the money - lots of method acting going on here.

thank god i'm an atheiest.
I wish he'd launch Pastor's Extreme Diet and Workout Plan(TM). His mouth sez "dominate the wimmenz and the homos," but his body and puffy face sez "gimmee those baby-back ribs!"
"You're still single...and having sex"
Someone bagged his wife.
I miss Ernst Hardware.
It takes some Mars-sized balls to equated touching your girlfriend and looking at porn with physical abuse and then ask for money after doing so. I'm guessing we'll be hearing about his sex scandal here in the next 18 months or so?
@6 i think the mars hill in belltown you're referring to is the Mars Hill Graduate School, which is in no way affiliated with the Mars hill church. They REALLY should change their name.
No, there really is a Mars Hill branch in Belltown now. Unfortunately, they seem to be successful.
Plumb crazy.
Not a fan. Unfortunately, he is the first pastor I've heard that didn't cart out the book of Ephesians and tell the woman if she respected her husband as she is commanded to, then the abuse would stop. Sadly, I've heard many sermons and participated in many counseling sessions where the woman was told she was to blame; at least I could tell her she wasn't to blame and attempt to counter the scriptural abuse being heaped on her. Too bad I can't advocate for them now, but pastors don't take kindly to individuals who don't support their advice and commit the sin of supporting, approving, and encouraging divorce. Most Mars Hill-ish churches would rather have the woman die then acknowledge that sometimes divorce is the answer.
I agree with Kim. As patriarchal as this sermon was (men being to blame for women's sexuality, because obviously women don't want sex unless it's forced by the man), this is very pro-women coming from this stream of Christianity. Acknowledging that men are responsible for the sex they have without women being touted as seductresses is a big step. Then, going so far as to acknowledge that men can be abusive and it be their fault....quasi-revolutionary.

Normally, in these circles, women seduce men to trap them (because it's unimaginable that women could enjoy sex), and men hit women because they're aren't being properly submissive.
@ 28
I agree.

I find this refreshing. I admire him for speaking out for women. As a woman who has suffered abuse, I wish more pastors spoke like Mark. His approach may be over the top, and Christianity may be crazy, but at least he is speaking out in protection of women.
@28 "this is very pro-women coming from this stream of Christianity."

Mars Hill is pretty submissionist.

22 FTW!
Points taken, 30 & 31, but most contemporary evangelical churches do not support or teach the position that abuse is EVER excusable, submission or not. Driscoll is more of a throwback to the extreme patriarchal model who, while he doesn't support physical abuse in any form, insinuates that the male is (or at lease ought to be) dominant in every sense of the word, and in this case he's admonishing his followers to take responsibility for their actions. So yes, a mixed bag of a talk, as is always the case in a cult of personality. I applaud his telling men to "man up" and get a life (though I disagree with some of what he defines as evil deeds), but there is still the insinuation that ultimately it's the man who must control the dynamic in relationships. This I have a hard time with...

Remember, this is the same guy who, a few years ago, told us in response to the Ted Haggard scandal that the reason a lot of pastors cheat on their wives is that their wives "let themselves go" after marrying them.

Besides that, yes, his style is quite laughable as an outsider, but as a former hyper-evangelical myself, I remember how we loved pastors or speakers who made us laugh, cry, feel both good and shame. Just the fact that they made us FEEL was enough for us to want to throw more money in the collection baskets. Like WWF, it's lowbrow theatre, and we just couldn't get enough of it. But unlike WWF, we hung on every word from these individuals, and took it VERY seriously. They were our new parents, so we could continue to be mindless children and never have to think for ourselves. This puts a lot of power in the hands of an individual like Driscoll. Personally, I'm not afraid he'll be the next Joseph Smith or Jim Jones, but I do admit I'm a bit sad for all the thousands of kids in his church and hundreds of offshoot churches, who, like myself, will waste years of their lives, addicted to the guilt and shame that holds us back from discovering who we really are. Not to mention the awful taste in theatre they'll pick up watching preacher-porn sermons like this one.

while the delivery is over the top, the message is good. I find it odd that the majority of comments on here are negative. I can understand if you don't buy into christianity, but I think we can all agree that condemning the abuse, neglect, intimidation, and degradation of women is a good thing. If only more people got this angry over the abuse of women, and actually worked on some level to try to prevent it. I saw a lot of comments directed toward his view that men should take the lead in a relationship. It seems to me that holding the view that men should act responsibly, provide for their families, and love their wives would find at least a modicum of support. I am not a member of this man's church, but I can appreciate the anger and emotions he exhibits in his delivery.