The Morning News: Uganda Bombings, BP Blunders, Polanski Freed, and Barefoot Bandit Jailed


"...small numbers of people from republican backgrounds who do not accept (fill in the blank) which the vast majority of the rest of this community has accepted...

Sounds familiar.
And in news that isn't politically correct enough for Slog, Democratic governors fear that Obama's lawsuit against Arizona is toxic.
No, that's only wuss Governors, who are closet racists.
Well you know, it wasn't "rape" rape.
Yay Polanski! Feds can't fuck wit a pimp!
what the fuck did ugandans do to the shabab?
@7: They watched a decadent immoral Western sport, in which men play without covering up their sensuously muscular arms, and which women can go watch in person, immodestly clad. Also, there's no specific approval of soccer in the Koran, Hadith, or Sharia, so it must be evil just for that reason.
Either that, or the bombers were REALLY FUCKING PISSED about all the yellow cards.