A Theory on Why Dino Rossi Won't Answer Basic Questions About Iraq and Afghanistan


you're overestimating the importance this inconsistency will hold for the mouth breathers who will theoretically tip this contest to Rossi.

the troops are SACRED. the military is SACRED. they protect our FREEDOM. the unemployed are shiftless who only have themselves to blame. end of discussion, socialist america-hater.
Trillions for Iraq but not one dime for Americans!
I vote for option 3: Rossi hates America and our troops.
@1 is right: The military is sacred to right-wingers, so any suggestion that savings might be found by cutting the military budget will get you nowhere -- they'll just claim it's an apples-to-oranges comparison and ignore your point.

A better question would be, do you support rolling back the Bush-era tax cuts? At the time, budget hawks pointed out that cutting taxes while starting two simultaneous wars was an unprecedented move destined to cause skyrocketing deficits, which is exactly what happened. If the Republicans care so much about deficits (all of a sudden), do they support rolling back the tax cuts (which disproportionately benefited the top earners) that are even now contributing to the deficit's growth?

Or, put more succinctly: "Mr. Rossi, would you be in favor of rolling back the generous tax breaks you received in the Bush era in the name of fiscal responsibility?"
There's no contradiction in a "strong father" punishing his own children for their "laziness" by depriving them of affection, while fiercely defending against threats from scary outsiders. It may seem bizarre, but the public policy neatly fits the Republican worldview.
@5 - wtf?
@5: it's the "strong father" theory of conservatism - George Lakoff, i think. conservatives want daddy, liberals want mommy.