Public Health Pays a Visit to Club Z


But Dan, where will Mark Driscoll go when he needs to be FFed?!?!?
I've read Christopher's feature three times since 2006. It is indeed excellent.
This happens all the time. Public Health does free testing at the sex clubs on certain nights of the week. They just happened to get really good parking that night.
I just read Christophers article for the first time and my god! What an incredible and beautiful read. I also loved Lindys cameo as early intern.

So whats happening with the building now then? Wow I need a follow up!
@3 is totally correct. Seattle and King County Public Health offers free and anonymous HIV/STI testing and health advisory at Club Z and Steamworks Friday and Saturday from 10PM-2AM. Testing also takes place at Basic Plumbing from 6PM-9PM Tuesdays and Thursdays and again, 10PM-2AM on Saturdays.

A local vintage photo blog has a nice pic including the old Club Z building (and a lovely hazy view down Pike) circa 1910 or so - don't miss clicking on the high-res version:…
I hear this place has a "glory hole maze". Is the idea to just... fuck your way through? Or am I over-thinking this...?
Hope they brought their haz-mat suits.
perhaps a public health worker was there to do on site hiv/std testing/counseling/info sharing? which is a good thing.
Doesn't Club Z have ad's on the Stranger and on the website for the Stranger?
Glory Hole Maze! Holy Shit on a Stick Batman!

I wonder how much jizz moppers get paid? Or are they in it for the benefits...Do they ever get lost in the maze? And if so, do they have to battle a Minotaur with AIDS to get out?
I kind of think that we should get the Glory Hole Minotaur to drill the deep bore tunnel. He'd probably do it just for the glory!
Hey that was me! I am a Disease Intervention Specialist with the STD Clinic, and I was indeed providing free/anonymous testing and counseling that night at Club Z. Take control of your own health; get tested! Having unprotected sex? Test often!
Wow. Worst comments ever.
Did anyone bother to read Christophers incredible article that Dan put a link to?
No one else has anything but junior high gross-outs and Aids jokes? I really want a follow up.
Cheerio- you're way over-thinking...
It is one of the best, while one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read in any publication.
I am so disappointed this place is still open. I have friends that go there to do meth (via needles) and I just think it's too easily accessible. I'm fine with the bathhouses, just get the meth outta there.