They're Trying to Get Him Killed


Hilarious coming from a woman who makes her living from government money (she warehouses foster children on her "farm"). I wonder if she lets her charges use government healthcare?
Segregating gays in the military, opposing universal health care because (sorry, I can't remember why it's bad not to have to re-mortgage your house to pay for your child's operation?), and wing nuts like Michele Bachmann decrying "omnipotent moral busybodies" for wanting to improve the quality of life for people who can least afford to help themselves...sorry, where did my country go? I remember leaving it just south of here when I drove into Canada in 1987....okay, I can describe it, it was a pretty cool place, even though some idiots had recently elected that actor, but it seemed like we were making progress (No Nukes march on Washington, June 1982, rah!), um, does it sound familiar? Maybe we need Pie Chart Man to make a "LOST" poster, or something...
She's kinda cute. I'd hit that.
As the man (Curt Flood, specifically, or his Ghost Writer) wrote, a well paid slave is still a slave.
Keith Olbermann will have a field day with this one. "Worst person in the world!" They don't get nearly the response to this bullshit they should.
If Paul Constant still has that "Insider Extreme" Glenn Beck membership, you should check out today's radio show (July 12th - (… ://

The second hour is his playing rants about killing all the white babies and race wars. Talk about getting people killed, it's pretty amazing stuff.
@3 It's generally frowned upon to have sex outside of your species, 5280, just sayin'.

She's totally a lizard under her human exterior.

Weirdly, Media Matters hasn't clipped much of this. It was pretty strange to hear it broadcast.

Typically, this is accompanied with Rush and other conservative media complaining that these clips haven't been rebroadcast broadly.
Ah, I see we have dusted of the good ole assassination meme. Once again we see the left can dish it out but can't take it. Only diff is that you had 8 years to have a go at W, Obama haters will probably only get 4.
and passionate.
ooh la la....
danny gets a hard on whining about someone popping obama
I think she means BP.
.... slaves with access to really crummy rationed health care.
oh, mr. satan. what's wrong? not enough attention on the fox sites. too many like you to make a dent? well, normally, i don't like to feed trolls, but i'm actually feeling rather generous this morning. not that we don't like your type here, it's just that well, i guess someone like you can understand people enjoying hanging out with their own crowd. and, well, you're sort of like an ant at a picnic, expected but nonetheless, not conducive to having a really good time. you know what i mean? you don't add any value here with your W lust. i know you must miss the days when it was all republicans all the time. but, now that the power orgy is over, satisfy yourself with lots of rush and beck and evenutually, you'll find your nightmare will end, as ours have. for a time. but THANKS for MESS from your PARTY!
It certainly bugs me when people throw around words like "slavery" in inappropriate contexts. Their usage of the word seems to strip all of its connotative significance. You can't just toss around heavy words and reckless hyperbole in intelligent conversation.
@3: I'll bet if you tried she'd hit you back. Hard, and with her bully pulpit.
you must be a damn bigot.....



The Truth stings, don't it.

Like a million fireants gnawing your butt to the bone.

ouchie wa wa!

pass the chips, please.


this picnic is half over.

2012 is way way closer than you can imagine.

@10: please link all the threats on president bush's life made by liberals in the 8 years of his presidency. or just one.

Yeeeaaaahhhh, The fact that so many despicable people are running around all still alive, makes me think that Americans don't have the capacity to talk politics and kill. Short List:

Ann Coulter
Dick Cheney
BP CEO-guy
west borough church
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
John Stewart (For the right)

None of these people are dead and most of them are directly responsible for DESTROYING peoples lives, some of them just spout hate or opinions that SHOULD be riling people into crazy acts, but aren't.

And come on, lets not miss the big picture here dan, They are trying to kill all of us.
Funny, but Michele Bachmann was the first thing I thought of when I saw the vulva-with-teeth picture Lindy posted....…
One of my relatives made this statement: "He's gonna get shot. People are angry, so he's gonna get shot."

I thought, "No. He'd get shot because republicans like you solve problems with guns instead of reason."

My frustration with the right never ends. I'm really considering just leaving the country.
Head north, Cory.
Dear right wing and religious nuts...

1. Freedom does not mean that America should be a religious state or be driven by religious values...we/I have the right to see through your faith-based bullshit world view.

2. I would have respect for your political "positions" if you didn't strategically and perpetually use lies to play to the lowest common denominator of the population. Can't you just use your intelligence...(you believe in "intelligent design" right?) to argue policy? Of course we know the can't...because your policy decisions are based upon YOUR faith, not mine.

I grew up as an independent...not a "party" guy. However, the republicans of today don't deserve the respect of a legitimate political organization. They're religious terrorists...akin to the Taliban. Shit, I can't figure out why they want to fight the Taliban, rather than support them. I'm sure right-wingers would love to use their power to control societal behavior and punish those that don't follow their "faith." Scumbags...just fucking lying scumbags... I invite any right-winger to defend the outright lies that their "party" and "cause" use to incite the masses.
@19: The truth stings, alright. Fattie.
I keep hoping Bachmann will get booted out of office, and then I remember that I grew up just a few miles outside of her district in Central Minnesota. Its a batshit crazy place that I know far too well. *sigh*
@3 I know (or at least hope) you're joking, but oh man, get some standards.

@21 How is Jon Stewart despicable and why does he need to be shot? He barely even has a cultural platform.
When was it that Patriot stopped meaning "someone who is a strong, steadfast, and loyal supporter of his/her country" and started meaning "someone who'd rather see his/her nation die than be anything other than his/her personal view of it"?
@15. Hi pinhead. Actually I voted for Obama, and I am far from what you would call a republican (really far actually!) The point I was trying to make, if you read my post, was that the left tend to get hysterical when it is their guy being picked on. You see, there is a certain segment of the sloggers (of which I have been a faithful poster for years,pleased to meet you!) that have a very thin skin. They have selective memory and can't seem to recall all the vitriol aimed at the prior administration (of which I was never a fan, thanks for assuming). I think this is embarrassing and makes the left look like a bunch a spineless wimps. Your sarcastic post was cute, almost as cute as the way you need to dogmatically categorize any one who disagrees with you even slightly as "the enemy". Actually no, that's just fucking pathetic. Grow the fuck up. Hopefully you will one day learn that there is a spectrum of political opinion that is neither black nor white. And remember "only a Sith deals in absolutes".
@20 Actually Dan's post was about a run of the mill politico using hyperbole to make the president look evil. And I know a liberal never did that right? But if it's death threats you want, it's death threats you get!…

I got lots more where that came from. I patiently await your rebuttal.

@31 You win. The guy with the sign (in your linked picture) clearly represents the left wing establishment in the same manner that Bachman, Limbaugh, Beck and the other crazies represent the right-wingers. If you can't see the difference between the organized smear/hate/fear campaign that is intended to incite the religious, right-wing wackos to extremism and even violence, and the guy with the sign, then you're just intellectually lazy. The right wingers are the "enemy" of a free United States and they make me ashamed to be American. They're willing to do or say anything to incite the extremists. Yes, the left wingers hated Bush, but they had reasons that were based on his behaviors, catastrophically bad presidency and lack of respect for non-christian humanity. Lies and smears weren't required to rally against his presidency. See the difference?

Obama is a socialist, communist, fascist, Kenyan born, secret-muslim, population enslaving, black-but-not-black-enough, elitist, white-people-hating, baby-killing, antichrist. Right.......
And Bush is a lying Fascist. It is folly to believe one group somehow transcends the other.…

My Oberman cancels your Limbaugh. I can keep going if you like.

And your argument is a joke:

"The right wingers are the "enemy" of a free United States and they make me ashamed to be American. They're willing to do or say anything to incite the extremists. Yes, the left wingers hated Bush, but they had reasons that were based on his behaviors, catastrophically bad presidency and lack of respect for non-christian humanity"

Ah. Yes. It is so simple. They are wrong and we are right! It's totally different!
You proved my point! Bush WAS IN FACT a lier (defined as a person that does not tell the truth) and a fascist (defined as one who "seeks to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. Also is strongly opposed to core aspects of the Enlightenment and is an opponent of liberalism, Marxism, and mainstream socialism.").

Limbaugh and Olberman each have polarized politics, but in terms of fact-based reporting and legitimate commentary, Limbaugh is a joke and Olberman is a skilled political commentator.

Obama is NOT, IN FACT, a socialist, communist, fascist, Kenyan born, secret-muslim, population enslaving, black-but-not-black-enough, elitist, white-people-hating, baby-killing, antichrist.

IN THIS CASE, YES, as you stated, "They are wrong and we are right!" Persuaded of your folly, now?
Good grief.

Bachmann is as bad as Palin. Neither has the good sense to know when to STFU.
But don't you understand that those who cry socialism are as sure as you are when you cry fascism?

You are all just different sides of the same coin.
No Rotten666,

I don't mean disrespect and appreciate the debate...but as Al Franken said so appropriately, "We are entitled to our own opinions; we're not entitled to our own facts."

You have not addressed my position at all. People can cry or believe whatever they want. That doesn't make all points of view equal. The right wingers and religious nuts are on the wrong side of history and of science...and they always will be. History will vindicate health care, marital rights for all people, non-discrimination, religious/non-religious tolerance, freedom of choice for women, the "war" on drugs, and on-and on...

History has never vindicated racists, bigots of any variety, war-mongerers, etc.

C'mon Rotten, really...both sides have "opinions" so they're equal? Opinions based upon fact are not equally opposed by uniformed opinions base upon fear-mongering, religious intolerance and slander. You have to have a more sophisticated argument than we are all "different sides of the same coin."

I'm here to help you understand. You're too thoughtful to throw up your hands in the air so easily. It's not the same coin. Does this help?