The Mormons, Dan?
And just when you were getting over
the buttsore from Prop 8?
Do you really want to dangle your balls over that buzz saw?
Muy bien!
The only relevant comment I can think of is that I had a Reform rabbi who was from Argentina. He was also gay. Looks like he might have moved to the wrong country!
I love that fellow who has the chin of a thousand chins.
Aww, that was muy adorable.
What a great video.
Jesus. At least make a little bit of an event of it. Put a little though into a proposal. Take them somewhere they like. I think the big productions and overhead signs at ballparks are lame, but at least make a proposal something more than a question in your ordinary day.

Why? Suppose the person doesn't want to marry the proposer. A big to-do, or worse, a public proposal, puts a lot of pressure to say yes. And if they say no, who looks like an asshole?

I think the commercial was adorable. Just asking during part of the ordinary day for the person you love to spend the rest of your ordinary days doing ordinary things together.
@1: QQ MOAR, Alleged. The Mormons aren't going to get Jack Diddly done.
Argentina must continue producing these adorable ads. Else I will cry.
I'm already crying. But they can keep 'em coming anyway.
Someone should tell those sorry ass bishops to stop doing the work of that evil child rapist in the Vatican!
Awww, that made me all sniffy.
My eyes are leaking strangely, having watched that video. I hope that the people of Argentina will choose equality.
I am truly... truly thankful for all these messages.
A couple of weeks ago, before sleep just one thought crept into my mind...
"what are you going to do about all this fighting for and against same-sex marriage?"

I thought..." fu** me if I know!"

and right there... I just saw it!.. just saw the scene... and it was all tender and planned... the guy with the cute eyes and the chin preparing two tall glasses and a bottle of Champagne... waitinf for me... me dressed in a suite, and coming home from a day at the office...
(yes... it was all a dream.. obviously)

he kneeled and asked for my hand!

talk about corny...

I told this idea to a friend of mine.. a photographer... and he told me
"why don't you ask someone to develop this for you?"

I did... and here we are.

(a bit changed though...everthing lost a bit of cornyness and one couple turned into three... just to show that all of us... the three couples .. are all the same... we are all equal!)

Hence the "day to day life" feel to the short.

Very thankful for all your comments and hope you show it to lots of friends.

That's all we want.


(yes, I'm an actor also, the one with the goatee...and the producer)

Matías Cazeaux...
Latin America has a long history of fighting the church, since it was part of the ruling establishment that was revolted against at various times in many countries.

Similarly the Church was on the side of Franco and now Spain has gay marriage.

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