Don't You See? The Gulf of Mexico Is Our Deadly Ground!


You do, even if it's not the one you seem to think.
Cute. Referencing movies now as more and more of the sustainability experts and scientists and on-the-ground activists get drowned out by our bizarre attraction to finding meaning in pop junk. Check out real work, in Spokane, by two journalists -- Paul Haeder and Marc Gauthier. Marc's film, Gulf Coast Blues: Oil in Our Veins, will be hitting locales all over the Pacific Northwest. Check out the work we've been doing not only covering the Gulf Oil disaster, but some of the analysis, etc. Put this link on your sites -- not many places outside of the Gulf Coast are covering an oil crime that will some day be coming to a bay or estuary near you.…

Special coverage
Dispatches from a Disaster

In mid-May, Marc Gauthier, Evergreen State College graduate in natural resources management, former owner of Natural Start Bakery, and creator of “From Controversy to Common Ground: The Colville National Forest Story,” headed southeast from Spokane. His goal was to try and make sense of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster that’s spewing 210,000 to 4 million gallons a day, depending on who is doing the estimating of the oil bleed. After several weeks along the Gulf Coast, the chef-scientist-filmmaker will return with his own independent data, observations, interviews and conclusions, which he hopes will lead, among other things, to a film and greater awareness of the spill’s short- and long-term impact. These Dispatches are a brainchild of Marc and Paul K. Haeder, who serves as Marc’s narrative choreographer as Marc gets deeper into the story of oil in the Gulf.
i'm waiting for 'They Live' to be prophetic
@3, who do you think runs BP?