The Next War on Terror: Somalia


Clearly, radical Islam seems to thrive in the places that are the world's biggest shit-holes. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of them out there.
@1: Radical ANYTHING thrives in shit-holes. Case in point: the boondock areas of Dumbfuckistan.
Can't argue with that.
"to providing aid to the Somali government and army"

what somali goverment? the "goverment" controls 3 blocks in mogadishu. they dont even control the airport! the real power in somalia are the clans. there is only like 2 thousand of them.
oh, and don't forget Yemen...
Good Morning Charles,
Islamicists know no bounds. It is greatly unfortunate but not unusual that in a power vacuum or failed state such as Somalia that Al Qaeda can thrive. It was a tragedy what happened in Uganda Sunday. But, one wonders where else Al Qaeda or Radical Islam will wreak havoc and terror?
It is deplorable.

BTW, on the subject of East Africa Charles, did you read this:…

That's shocking! I didn't even know that heroin could be affordable to anyone in Kenya or Tanzania. And, injecting blood! That's the quickest way to contract HIV! It's suicide! Sigh. What a shame.
there really aren't an infinite number of shitholes for Al Qaeda to hole up in. Basically, you have Iraq, Afghanhistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Maybe Eritrea.

mrs. solomon had a good idea last night. since they're acting like unruly toddlers, put all those countries in a "time out", seal them off from the rest of the world for a couple decades, then ask them "are you ready to behave now?" if not, more time out.
@7, that's exactly what we've been doing, and it's part cause of all this mess. You don't "seal off" countries.

Somalia's been like this for more than twenty years; I don't know why anyone's surprised at what's happening now. Oh, that's right -- short attention spans here in America. Remember "Black Hawk Down"? Twenty years ago, when Bill Clinton cut and run, and then encouraged the Rwandan genocide practically next door? Remember all those stories about the pirates? The clans have hundreds of millions of dollars now. Lots of good stuff is going to happen now.
Four Wars?

Are you insane?



Drug War on MJ.

and Somalia?

Are you KIDDING?


We can't even afford ONE.
How many more trillion dollars will they force us to spend? How many more American soldiers will die? And who, really, stands to lose the most?
@10, Not to sound like a bleeding heart libber or anything, but the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia probably stand to lose the most.