Fat and Not Happy?


Or you could use reasonable daily doses of cocaine or one of its knockoffs (Ritalin, Adderall) which make you thin without making you miserable.
Diet and exercise? That's just crazy talk.
Dieting also causes depression, though, as well as a host of other stuff. Your body really doesn't like having a calorie deficit, and it will let you know about that.
(in my best whine) . . .cuz it's haaaard. . .

Body fascist!
I know for a lot of women, there's no price too high in order to attain thinness. I hope we don't have another fen-phen case here...
somebody's looking for page hits...
Because, this is AMURKA, Dan. And AMURKINS never do anything the HARD way, if'n there's an easier way available, especially if that easier way involves a prescription.
Let them eat pit bulls!
Being fat causes depression too. Babys cause depression. Body odor and acid reflux cause depression. My mother causes depression. Everything causes depression and makes whiny bitches.
Like for all drugs the risk should be less than the benefice of the drugs, and in an acceptable range. The majority of drugs on the market (for loosing weigh) are reserve to morbid obesity, because they don't worth it for other people. So diet and exercise is always in the plan.
Fistigue@ 3: Dan didn't say "dieting" , he said diet, as in, what you eat.
It would probably work for me because, knowing my luck, I'd get the depression and depression always kills my appetite and makes me lose weight. Having been on a drug that caused severe depression and therefore weight loss, I'll take having some extra weight, thank you.
Increased body acids? The side effects of these new drugs just keep getting weirder sounding.
What the fuck? What chick agrees to participate in a drug study while she's fucking pregnant? How fucking stupid can you be? What if you discover that this weight loss drug is the new thalidomide? Do you tell your kid, "Mommy wanted to be thin. Sorry that you don't have any arms. Who knew?"

I don't want a pill that makes me lose weight. I want a pill that makes me not care about losing weight. Do they have that?
I think people will do anything to lose weight other than eat a healthy diet and exercise daily.
@12, fair enough--I personally consider "dieting" eating at a calorie deficit, and "diet" eating for weight maintenance. I lost 60 lbs via the former, and have been lucky enough to be able to transition to the latter. It was a deeply unpleasant experience.
You're telling Americans NOT to gorge themselves AND to get off the couch? That's simply asking too much from this culture.
I'm up for going with diet and exercise. =) Best life change I could've ever made.
Eat reasonably healthy, exercise a reasonable ammount. If you still fat, learn to live with it and take comfort that your going to live longer. And find a good chubby chaser/bear website.
@3 On the other hand, exercise can actually be an anti-depressant because of the endorphins that get produced while you're doing it.
If people would trade an hour of TV or computer time a day for some sort of physical activity, and cut way back on empty fat and sugar calories, they'd be a lot healthier. Of course, that is too much to ask. They want to sit around, eat like Paula Deen, and then just pop a pill and look like Megan Fox.

Wait you are advocating against risky untested future pills that make you skinny? Did you like not watch cartoons as a child?
@23 again, so that sounds like a bad plan?

Do as you please
Undo consequence
Live with side effect

That sounds FINE
The thing is, with these drugs you're looking at a 5-15% body mass loss. So if you're 300 pounds, you will, on average, lose 15-45 pounds. Now, some people lose less than average, and some people lose more. But none of these drugs will take that 300 pound person to 120. None of them. If you're not going to be fashionably skinny, why cope with the side effects? If you are having health problems and you're actually doing the whole diet and exercise thing and it's not working for you, is losing another 30 pounds when you are still huge actually going to do anything for you? Also, how much of the weight that is lost is actual body fat and how much is lean body tissue? Losing muscle mass is not exactly the best idea for health acquisition or maintenance, after all.