Gee, You Think You Could've Picked a Better Name?


I've always heard people called English Bulldogs "Bullies."
"call their", I should have typed.
They should call the dogs "hamburglers".
Because when it comes to dogs, image is everything. It's the way it sounds that makes all the difference.

Facts? What are facts? Getting so we wouldn't recognize a fact if it leapt up and clamped it's jaws on our throat. Facts are for the Centers for Disease Control and the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society. Facts are for geeky science dweebs.

This is journalism here and what's real is a bad rap, not a bunch of stupid facts.
Bully refers to the cattle herding duties the dogs would perform on a ranch.
Hear, hear. Let's call the "Maulies."
I keep saying here that "pit bull" refers to not one, but several breeds, crosses, and mixes of medium-sized dog including a strain of mutant purebred whippet.…

any dog can be a danger to children and other living things. they're retarded fucking wolves for christ's sake! but all this pit bull hate unfairly stigmatizes some damn fine dogs.

all that being said, "american bully" is a pretty stupid name.
Once upon a time, Bully meant great. It was Theodore Roosevelts' favorite word.