Murray Raises $1.6 Million


Is that before or after his deductions for Cuban cigars and Russian caviar?

A Russian spy like Dino has needs, you know.
She voted for DOMA, but I support her anyway. But she and Cantwell passed a law that Americans are not allowed to buy their drugs in Canada because "it's not safe"So where do the drug companies make their drugs you ask? CHINA!!! That's right! The same country that has poisoned people and pets and children already because they are corrupt and mismanaged!!! Our two Senators sided with the drug companies to deny Americans cheap drugs so we are forced to take drugs from the worst place in the world! This infuriates me.
@2 and you think Comrade Rossi is better? wow ...
@3 No, not at all. That's the problem!
murray is so elitist raising 200k more dollars than the next Jesus Christ.