My Just-In-Time Contribution to Councilman Mike O'Brien's Phone Book Collection


You say your piece, not say your peace.

If there are no phone books, how will future garbologists identify the years in garbage dumps? Yellow pages are the tree-rings of trash.
@1: D'oh. Thanks. And peace.
@2, right on, brah. Peace.
Just glue it to Conlin's door, along with a bill for $10,000
I got TWO sets delivered to me this year, oh joy.
Another use...rabbits like to play on top of phone books, obsessively turn the thin paper pages - like mice (and other smalll rodenty things) like to play in exercise wheels. True.
Funny. We got a robo-call at my office this afternoon informing us that our new Dex books would be arriving shortly. About 20 minutes later, a dude in a Subaru Outback drove by, and I swear, tossed the plastic bag out his window, hitting our front stoop. I know this, because I heard the noise, and saw him drive past about a second later.

Thankfully, he only tossed one set...
I think the CEO of Dex should be forced to eat an entire phone book, one page at a time. With any luck, he'd choke to death about half way through it.
Thankfully I saw the guys in the delivery van bagging more books and I gave them back the one they left on my porch. Sorry fellas; I think they get paid by the book.
Damn, he's not taking them any more. I've still got my new set sitting on the front porch (even though I filled out the online opt-out form months ago). I was going to take them down.

Someone needs to pick up this message. Phone books will keep coming in. We'll keep getting piles like this for weeks and weeks after the deliveries.

Maybe we should just throw them all on the steps of City Hall?
Since when do you speak for all of the residents of Mezzo condominiums? Bring them back.

Shouldn't the weeklies be opt-in as well, like The Seattle Times? Let's eliminate that clutter.
They did something when they delivered the phone books yesterday that they have never done before. They delivered the books to our doors instead of piling them up in the entrance. They are clearly being careful not to provoke people's ire.
The phone book industry survives on profiting from waste. If advertisers were aware of how few people actually look at their ads, they'd probably save their hard-earned dollars on hiring someone to make them a decent looking website. Advertisers pay about $100 a month for tiny ads. And industry lobbyists weep and wring their hands that any restriction on phone book dunping will kill Mom and Pop's business. Thank God we still have altruistic passions running strong in the corporate sector.
FUCK EM! Its like dumping a used couch on your doorstep
All those bagged books are from my building (about 75 sets of yellow and white). I loaded them all up and hauled them down much in the same fashion as Eli. Except I just drove to the loading dock area and sweet talked the faceless intercom into opening the gate for me.

I left three sets in the lobby in case anyone actually wanted them... There are still three sets in the lobby in case anyone actually wants them.
dump them at their local hq:

13920 South East Eastgate Way, Bellevue