Groups Threaten Referendum to Block Tunnel


Never underestimate the ability of Reichardt Conlin in sabotaging what the voters want to act on behalf of his Billionaire and Millionaire masters.

That said, pressure's mounting, and the DC/beltway crowd are noticing. If this keeps building, it could take down US Senator Patty Murray with it, because Seattle voters are NOT happy.
oh, by the way, do they have a Facebook or Twitter group for this yet?
Is Will paid to comment on all Tunnel mentions with a near-instant "Billionaires' Tunnel!" shout out? What did he do before the Tunnel option was proposed?
I'd sign it.
It looks to me while watching council meetings (seattlechannel) on this subject that the council is heading that direction anyway.

I just finished watching yesterday's meeting, remarkably sparse crowd at the end, WSDOT was talking about their tunnel contract.

File it.
You can speak on stage and collect signatures at the capitol hill block party. Hit me up.
What a disaster. Go ahead, file it. Can't wait for the votoers to tell you surface transit shill to stfu once and for all.
I'd definitely sign that.

@3 Before this, there was a different comment repeated ad nauseum on a different topic, and after this there will be another comment repeated ad nauseum on yet another topic. I don't know if you've figured this out yet, but Will is apparently incapable of NOT commenting on every single Slog post.
@3 nah, I post on bunches of thing.

Not just the Billionaires Tunnel and the resulting $10,000 each and every Seattle household will have to pay for its cost overruns.

That's a car, by the way. One of those cool hip hop hamster ones.
@9 - I didn't comment on about 2/3rds of the posts on SLOG today. You notice me because we have similar tastes. And because I'm right and it's really irritating how right I am.
It seems disingenuous that the Sierra Club seems to care about the funding sources. Why don't they just file a something to the effect of "on behalf of the Mayor, we won't build a thing."
It really amazes me what does and doesn't get people riled up around here. This tunnel will screw over just about everyone except maybe Paul Allen. In fact, it might just screw over everyone including him...and yet, somehow there is just about zero people yelling and screaming about it!

I thought Washingtonians were these independent Swedish types who held their own opinions, but really, you're all a bunch of sheep.
#9. In the past, that has been termed the Jesse Jackson Syndrome.
What Will in Seattle and his buddies hide is the alternative would be MORE expensive for Seattle citizens. The cost to put in the Mayor's preferred street option would be borne exclusively by Seattle as the state has indicated they will NOT contribute to such a plan. This plan puts three lanes of traffic within 50 feet of Pioneer Square, effectively destroying the atmosphere of the #1 tourist destination in the area.
@15 really? Pioneer Square is more of a tourist attraction than #1 The SPACE NEEDLE, and #2, Pike Place Market?

Lord knows before I moved here, all I pictured when I pictured Seattle was Pioneer Square.
I really wish I hadn't been correct @1, but I was.

@The Magnificent Mile and a rather touristy stretch of Paris has a lot of lanes too. It's about how you do it.