Oh Yeah, the National League Won the MLB All-Star Game for the First Time Since 1996


Oh, damn! Now the Mariners won't have home field advantage in the World Series this year!!
Leek wins. No point in even trying.
I couldn't watch - couldn't stand the idea of seeing All Star Cliff Lee in a Rangers cap.

At least Steinbrenner is still dead...
Cliff Lee threw six pitches! SIX FUCKING PITCHES! Smoak better hit thirty god damn homeruns in the next two months!
I was going to say my Rockies will have home field advantage, led by the guy who is going to win this year's NL Cy Young award, but since leek already did the Seattle version of this idea...
@Matt: 15-1 up to the All-star game. This Jimenez kid might just turn out to be ok. With 88 of 162 games played already, 15 wins now extrapolate on the season to...ok, nah, that's tempting fate. But 25 wins? Doable.
Its fucking depressing watching people with competitive teams talk about baseball. Guess Ill just wait for Ichiro to hit 200 hits again and pray Lopez gets traded for something slightly better than a ham sandwich.
SD checking in. Can't wait for some world series games here in October. Sorry Matt.
I don't think the Yankees will need home field to win the World Series.
fuck a major league baseball and dead george too.