Get Your Ass off the Couch


You know, the Viking Days is also on Saturday.

Hop on the 17 bus - to get there from the hill it's fastest to go downtown than transfer - if in North Seattle take the 75 direct there or get the 44 to transfer.
This weekend...The Annual Mediterranean Fantasy Festival in West Seattle. Nothing better than a weekend filled of belly dance!!!
food is overpriced.

Sorry, but a semantic pet peeve of mine: "overpriced" is overused.

When something sells -- whether it's $600,000 homes in Seattle, $175 concert tickets or food at the Bite of Seattle (or at yuppie restaurants) -- it's not overpriced. Overpriced means priced over the market, higher than the market will bear.

What people mean is high-priced.

There's only one E in Wedgwood. Otherwise, thanks for the post, Intern Weber.
Does anyone know why there were SO many african-americans at Bite of Seattle Satruday night? Was there a hip-hop event somewhere?