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Poland? Isn't that where Auschwitz is?
I encourage people to read the article Galen links to. It has some very, very hopeful details.

Also a sweet, many photo'd profile of our friend Dave Meinert appeared in today's Seattle Times. Anybody who owns an island is okay by me.…
Er, @2 I forgot to say the link I recommend is the Polish Pride one in the NYT.

While I'm on the NYT and full of coffee, the front page article this morning on spill cleanup science had this eye-opener:

“Thoughts that this is going to kill the Gulf of Mexico are just wild overreactions,” said Jeffrey W. Short, a scientist who led some of the most important research after the Exxon Valdez spill and now works for an environmental advocacy group called Oceana. “It’s going to go away, the oil is. It’s not going to last forever.”…
Nine teens in three rafts with TWO life vests between them. Not even one per boat. Major rafting fail.

And Gus, thanks for that link to the awesome story about Dave. I love when transplants do good (kind of like our own Mr. Savage). Also, Dave's the only one of all y'all I've actually met IRL.
Also, Frank Rich's reminiscence of the past 6 years with the classy Mel Gibson is a must-read:
Man, nobody does it like Rich. Nobody. Thanks, emma's bee.
What he says about the evolution/revolution in American culture is so true. But I think the change is global. I think the people of every nation on the planet are going through a shift in the dominant paradigm. I think it is the great awakening. Fueled by the internet, fired by the blatant racism and bigotry that so desperately clings to the last shreds of oppressive power that it's uglieness is evident to all. It is a new day!
what i don't get about the bowman... he shot someone who wasn't breaking into his own home, thereby doing something illegal...

yet he isn't being charged? so if we're not charging people that should be charged, shouldn't the failed burglary also be dropped?
@8: My thoughts exactly. If he'd shot the guy while he was breaking into his neighbor's home, it would be understandable. Not only did he attack him AFTER HE'D LEFT, but there's nothing at all to indicate any sort of self-defense. This guy should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which is way worse than trespassing or attempted burglary.
"At the park, Dawn Hilliker said she watched police lead away at least 20 people in handcuffs, and take at least a dozen witnesses to the park's visitor center to be interviewed. Most appeared to be in their late teens and 20s, she said."

20 people? Was this a shooting, or a full on Gettysburg?
The local news here in Baton Rouge ran a story that said how puzzled everyone was with the apparent success of the new cap, and they are running more and more tests, because they can't believe nothing is going wrong.
Folk ain't safe 'round here!…

When it was over, two men were dead -- a 33-year-old Asian man from Kent and a 30-year-old Caucasian man from Seattle. Each of the victims was from a different group.
Lake Sammammish Park is where the Eastside Democrats Picnic was supposed to be - they had to relocate when they closed the park.