Should Mel Gibson Be Allowed to Exist? Gawker Says: NO! EXTERMINATE HIM!


I <3 Lindy West!!!
Sources tell me they describe such things as "pwnage" on the internet.
I <3 Lindy West too. Maureen O'Connor can go suck an egg.
Maureen O'Connor hasn't done meaningful work since she sang the theme song to "The Poseidon Adventure"...
You discredit the fine history of Hobos but lumping them in with corner booze hounds. A discredit, madam!
My feelings about this whole kerfuffle are best summed up by this gif I originally saw on The Awl.
Ha! She called Lindy a "Master Butt Debater"
Holy balls.... check out the comments after Lindy's NYDN article.

There are teabaggers and holocaust deniers and racists, oh my!
An elegant proof, Lindy, although I think there was an opportunity here to use the much coveted one word proof, coined, incidentally, by another drunken racist, Sir Winston Churchill.

Your stereotype-laden dehumanizing view of the crazy hobo outside the liquor store exposes a heart differently-situated than Mel Gibson's, but ultimately just as icky.

Go ahead. Exist. I double dog dare you! Just don't try to pretend that Mr. Crazy Hobo is any farther off the mark than some of your colleagues there at The Stranger.
New York Daily News wow! Congratulations!

As to your thesis: hell yes. The knife's edge was most visible to me in the original Mad Max. The clock was ticking even then, poor dear. Glorious, and I'm with Schmader on how I'm handling the kerfuffle.
I saw you link the Gawker article on twitter and read that first before reading your piece. And you are right, Maureen O’Connor does not know how to read.
Aussies come from a different mindset than we do. Being a sexist and racist pig was - and is - more socially acceptable, and women will sleep with you even if you are.

No matter how much you defend him, you know in the end Mel is just going to kick you up the ass.
@13 - Oh, bravo Will. Except that he's American, and was born in New York. Or are you claiming that simply living in Australia for a few years turned him into a sexist, racist pig? I mean, that makes perfect sense - it sure explains me and every other Australian I know. It must be something in the water. You moron.
This bores me. Call me when one of the Jezebelle posters gets pissed off and goes completely postal.
I for one have never been able to overide Mel's ponytail mullet.
He and his mullet have been worthy a proper lanting for far too long.
@17 yes. One adapts to the mores of one's place.

Here, people like to complain about Seattle but do nothing to solve their own problems.
a=energy used trying to care
b=actually caring
a>b => still don't care about Mr. Blood Porn Jesus
21 - and I DO care about the "Hobo" on the street much more
and Dee, I've had friends in Australia for many decades. Got some nice software when I was there for WorldCon from a Math Prof friend of mine back in the 80s, and stayed with many friends throughout the country. How's the asian population in Perth being treated nowadays?
Goodness, Will in Seattle @ 13, that is one broad paintbrush you're painting with. That said, I've met many fine Aussie men who were neither racist nor sexist; had I been single when I met them, I would have happily slept with them. I find their accent very debilitating. But, I don't find racist or sexist attitudes attractive.

I'm just sayin'!
Well I don't know about Perth since I'm from the East Coast, Will - but I've never heard any of the Asian Australians I know complain of racism towards them. And from the last census data I can find, 30% of people in my city are Asian - which doesn't surprise me.

To be fair, it looks like only 1 in 10 people in Perth are Asian... which is the same amount as in Seattle. Still, you'd think it would be less if we were so horrible toward them.
Anyway, sorry for de-railing things away from Mel. Dude is crazy, fo shizzle.
Next you'll be calling Olivia Newton John a brit ...

@25 - you don't get out much. They complain about it to me quite a bit.
Oh, Will, stuff it up your ass. Really. Stop telling people from other countries who they are. You come across like a fool.
@6, curse you, David Schmader. I cannot stop watching that. It is burned onto my brain. I have forwarded the link to 20 friends in the hopes that it will somehow absolve me of this curse.
Nice article, but Mel Gibson's ass is not "allegedly" attached to Mel Gibson.

We'll just blame the New York Daily News editors for that one, though.
Mel Gibson-Crazy Insane=Yes
All Aussies Racist=Rack off! I'll bend over backwards with my balls in a knot before I believe that!
Lindy - fuck 'em if they can't take a joke (or sarcasm). We love and appreciate you.
And, Will? - what @28 said.
@21 FTW Mr. Blood Porn Jesus! Ha! Mel used to turn my young, formative gay boy crank while I was growing up in the 80s. But I've detested him for a couple of decades now. He's totally batshit insane.
Hush, Will @ 27. If you weren't so insistent that you're correct you would a) remember that Dee just said she is from the east coast of Australia, b) understand that your own anecdotal experience does not, cannot, be used to make broad generalization about an entire country. Simply put you sound silly. Please let it go. Especially since you go on about being a Texan when it suits your comment and a Canadian when ever it suits you.

And, I agree with Lindy. Mel Gibson appears to have some serious issues. I feel very bad for him.

Not to say that all Aussies are rascist, but my dark-brown Indian buddies got pretty nervous travelling through southeastern Oz, and had to tolerate some less-than-friendly treatment. You might want to check out this editorial as well:

Just sayin' - it's a sterotype down here in the Antipodes for a reason. But Gibson's instability is definitely based in something deeper and darker.
@36 Hmmm...I have pre-concieved' stereo-types but don't wish ill on anyone else's scene?..Hmmmm...Get Away..Max is still crazy insane
Look, not saying that any *individual* Aussie is racist, but as a national average?
*Hella* yes.
Hm, I really don't think she read your article. Which was awesome, naturally.
You think eight months from now we're all gonna find out he had a brain tumor?
I hate to speak in Will's defence, but there's a lot out there about anti-Maori racism in Australia (there's lots of anti-Aboriginal racism in Canada as well, though, so I'm not trying to say we're any better than them). Also, Australia's the only country I can imagine where a blackface performing group would have been seen as cute and funny in 2009. I know many Australians said that being able to laugh at blackface showed how completely unracist they are, but I'm not sure I buy it.
You know how the guy was playing all crazy and shit in the Lethal Weapon movies?

Um. Not acting.
Canadian Nurse,

I was not saying that Australia did not have an issue with racism. I personally think that there are huge issues there, just as there are huge issues in the US and Canada. I think that it is more likely that every culture has issues with racism. And, with sexism. My issue, and it is really my problem to deal with, is with generalization. I don't think they help the conversation. That was my point.

I'm sorry to be once again off topic.
Holy fucking shit, you didn't make up that first "mathematical" "graph", Lindy!

I just checked the Gawker article, and it's actually in there!!
@41 most anti-Maori racism is found in New Zealand, just as most anti-Aborigine racism is found in Australia.

It's like the South. While it mostly doesn't exist as much among young people, the surface lack of racism doesn't match the reality of what's under the surface in the older generations.