"Animals Present" at the Swinery


I also have knowledge that the swinery has been torturing animals, killing them without cause, and selling their corpses. Why doesn't the health department or SPD put a stop to this??
i just ate an entire box of zatarains red beans and rice
@1: Because pigs are yummy.
Who eats pig corpses?

Jews? No.
Muslims? No.
Hindus? No.
Buddhists? No.
Sikhs? No.
Rastafari? No.
Zoroastrians? No.
Christians? Yes.

Eating pig corpses is the Christian version of rural Koreans eating dogs. Korea banned selling dog corpse decades ago, though. Some conservative Christians unfortunately still eat pig corpse. Hopefully we will see a ban here soon.
#4 - don't forget about us godless heathens. People with no belief in a religion also like bacon!
@#4 and maybe we'll see a ban on trolls as well
Unpaid intern you have definitely earned your check with this one. I agree the lead for this story is a food establishment meant having flies (oh my!!!) not Master Chef Joseba Jimenez coming aboard.
animals at Norm's too.

the difference? norm's is good. and safe.
@4, you forgot at least 2 billion Asians. Most Buddhists eat loads of pork. So do lots of Hindus and Zoroastrians.
I wonder why the vast majority of vegans and vegetarians I met are also on anti-depressants?
When an establishment is known more for its history of health violations and overwrought personal dramas than it is for its cuisine, you know there are problems. Maybe its time for them to relocate to someplace like Modesto.
I don't understand how Claycamp keeps getting people to go into business with him. Seems like anything he's involved in quickly descends into drama, posturing and bullshit.
Oh for christ's sake. That bacon is the most wonderful stuff ever. I thought I had a stable source for it.....now it's gone again. ARGH!!!! Say what you will about Gabriel's personality, but his food is amazing.
Even when claycamp was part of it, he didn't have the legal permission to make those meats. here's the history of the swinery health reports. Note that they've always been cited for "Variance not obtained for specialized processing methods"

Routine Inspection/Field Review 07/15/2010

-Inadequate hand washing facilities
-Noncompliance with risk control plans, variances, or mobile food unit plan of operation
--Improper cold holding temperatures (>45° F)
-Insects, rodents, animals present; entrance uncontrolled
Consultation/Education – Field 05/03/2010

Routine Inspection/Field Review 01/12/2010

-Variance not obtained for specialized processing methods
-Noncompliance with risk control plans, variances, or mobile food unit plan of operation
Consultation/Education – Field 12/09/2009

Routine Inspection/Field Review 12/02/2009

-Variance not obtained for specialized processing methods
-Improper labeling, signage

4 - sorry but Koreans still eat dog and you can still get it easily; Buddhists and non-kosher-observing Jews eat pork also.
Also don't forget pagans, animists and pantheists all eat pork. And Koreans do amazing things with the pig.
This guy seems to be his own worst enemy. I really wanted to love Culinary Communion, but it turned out to be more of a vehicle for his ego than a real teaching institution. I really wanted to love the Swinery, but again, it was more about Gabe than the meat. Can we just stop talking about him and hope he goes away? Please?
haha. the absolute irrelevance of all of this is lovely.
@18 so irrelevant you had to post about it! :)
Get over the bacon, people! The recipe is a rip-off from "Charcuterie" by Michael Rulhman and you can make it yourself. And know for sure there aren't any flies or critters roaming around when you do it, and pay less than half of what they charge at the Swinery.
Gabriel Claycamp, wonderful man, beautiful father, faithful husband, amazing chef, and on of the highest ranking dungeons and dragons player ever. All lies for the record. He cheats on his wife religiously, he sends his kids off to day-care so he can cheat in his wife and find the perfect cougar to fund his next fantasy in the culinary world, oh and he is a complete slob to boot. The Stranger should be writing a story on how disgusting a persons home could be. Now that would worth reading. If anyone from culinary communion is looking for the refund he promises you can find him at Beverage Place or any number of other bars in West Seattle. I'd tell you to go to his house, but he's usually not there with wife and kids as a good man should be.