Today in Top Secret America: Top Secret Neighborhoods


Oh, come on, it's fun riding in elevators where the people only pull out their floor access passes after you start to leave at the floor below them.
Top Secret America does make for excellent schools. I should know: I've attended them and taught in them. If only we could streamline their parents' waste and redundancy without losing their commitment to public education and opportunity for their (and their neighbors') kids.
There's what appears to be an excellent Frontline coming this fall on Top Secret America (including sites of many nondescript buildings in industrial parks around the country with four floors above ground but 10 secret floors below ground level). It focuses on the work of two reporters covering this for The Washington Post. The goal of homeland security has created something nearly as large and unmanageable as the military-industrial complex.

A preview is available on PBS video at
Paranoia only gets us into fear-based neuroses. Don't let them "win" and fall for paranoia. Our two main weapons are Trust, Openness, and Humor.. Three! Our Three main weapons are ... :>)
If penis licking is still enough to keep me from getting a top-security clearance, I guess I'll just have to keep on keepin' on.
I do believe that's still "moral turpitude," Rob.
It's not really that hard to get a clearance. Basically, you have to avoid living in "enemy" countries or having relatives live there and not be in massive debt.

Or have anything you can be blackmailed for. Most US turncoats sell out for cash. Gambling is a no no too.

@4 don't forget #3 Profit!
Oh good. I was a little anxious, @6; standards are falling everywhere.
This is reminiscent of the Federal Government in Snow Crash -- a municipality and nation of its own.
@4-He shoots, he scores!