Murray Earmarks Three Million to Replace South Park Bridge


So why are Sloggers anti-Viaduct, anti-520 bridge, etc., but think spending $131 million to replace this little-used bridge (I'm speaking in relative terms here) is just a dandy idea?
73 million dollars? They'd better be building a bridge across the damn puget sound for that.
Build, baby, build!

Go South Park!
@1 You misunderstand. A lot of us are against wasteful or stupid transportation choices. The SP bridge is the only real way in or out of an entire portion of the city; that's not stupid or wasteful. It's a necessity.
Besides, the folks in Georgetown are nifty.

It's exactly because it was never a priority of the Billionaires and Millionaires that think Citizens of Seattle are their serfs that we like it.
Umm, no, the South Park bridge is not the only real way in or out of South Park.

The Stranger likes this bridge because South Park is a hardscrabble, semi-industrial, low-rent enclave with colorful dive bars.
I love how some of you want to fight against a South Park bridge but are all for a ridiculously frivolous First Hill street car that goes places you can very easily walk to. Give me a break people.
@7: I'm all for the South Park bridge, and the downtown waterfront (aka, "the tunnel"), and putting a bike path across 520. Invest in Seattle, I say. She's worth it!

As for the streetcar, the only way I can see it penciling out economically is if it makes Seattle more of a tourist draw (along with our new traffic-free downtown waterfront with a boardwalk and hopping bars and romantic restaurants and really talented buskers).
You bet it's worth it. Some of the best Mexican restaraunts in Seattle are on the south side of that bridge.
@4: C'mon, that's more than a bit of hyperbole. It's the most direct way in and out, but not even close to the *only* way.
@4, 10 - Well, since I've been daily subjected to the Metro re-route on the 60 & the 131 ever since the bridge closed at the end of June, I can tell you that it most definitely FEELS LIKE the SP Bridge was the only real way in & out of South Park. It's not an exaggeration to say that Georgetown and South Park are now completely cut off from one another.

Yay for Patty Murray!!!

muy macho is reason enough.