A Tale of Two Talks: Matt Browning and Isaac Layman


What gallery? When are these talks happening? Is it part of a series that we could still catch part of?
This is a fascinating and trenchant post. Whether accidental or no, the abrupt ending is perfect. Thank you, Je
sensing grandeur just inside the cupboard, where the whiskey is right?
Matthew: Late last night when I wrote the thing I thought I'd cut that last paragraph. But now I'm just going to leave it. Tru
Moar like "A Tale of Three Posts", MIRITE?
I understand why something small and/or quiet might be good, but why is major and/or monumental idiotic? Simply because there is other major shit going down? Is there a time when there isn't? Is there ever a good time for attempting something major?
mdb: a few thoughts on how that is true:::

language has no fixed meaning, the things we think are important are not important, they're predetermined by the origin and structure of human thought. the major/monumental only operates in the false sphere of meaning having meaning

the logical identity x = x = not y (basis for all 'rational' thought) is expressed through state philosophy (traditional academic/constructive thought) and capitalism, both of which inevitably co opt and subvert your project for their ends, the bigger your project the more you're implicated in these institutions and the atrocities of rationalism

art's ultimate meaning is always a commodity in both physical and non-physical representation, because the commodity is the base unit of most people's conceptual structure (x has value, y has different value, but value is constant and things of equal values can be exchanged whether ideas, people, or objects). unless your goal is to make a bigger commodity, making a monumental or major statement fails in its stated goal.

nihilism/skepticism cannot be answered by constructive positions of thought because they presuppose the existence of these false but potentially productive modes of thought, if you subscribe to either one the ambition to monument/major work is false, egotistical, and ultimately unrealistic/destructive

every gesture has been completed before in some context, it's a fallacy to think you can say or do anything new that would change the world.

the eternal return of the same guarantees zero actual progress alongside the illusion of progress through technology and culture. the only "major" thing you can do is exist, which you're already doing.

geologic/cosmic time invalidate all human achievements

expanding a thought means masking detail under an idea that can be conveyed "objectively," where as contracting a thought means refusing to traffic in assumption and refusing to gloss over chaos/irreducible reality

culture's larger abstract forces inevitably manipulate and dilute any position that could possibly be taken, if you take a position you end up defending the same things that originally made you revolt.

maybe one of those things. maybe books.
And this, my friends, is why TARL will take over the universe by not taking over the universe by taking the negating and negating the take.
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You shouldn't let terroristics, poetic or otherwise, in your house.