Reading Tonight: Video Games Don't Suck


Now now, let's not discount the function of escapism for the socially retarded. Lord knows I'd rather have them (okay, us) shooting imaginary guns and calling each other homofaggorts than trying to find amoral ways to amuse themselves in proper life.
Man, EXTRA LIVES was really good. I think it's an important book about the Game industry, the culture, and as Bissell talks about in the book, the very concept of 'narrative' in games. It's the kind of book I could hand to someone who works in the industry, someone who just plays the games, and those curious about the compulsion to play, but don't understand it-- all of them would find something to appreciate and connect to.
@2 Absolutely. I know a few people who don't play with video games, have never understood the fascination some of us have with video games, and/or are convinced that there's really no value to video games who have read EXTRA LIVES and finally gotten it.

Tom's writing is just that good.
So, during the Block Party, will there be any public readings at Elliot Bay or will those be for attendees only?