Black Leaders Protest Chief Diaz Appointment



Seriously, dude, it's summer, go to some of the neighborhood BBQs. You'll have to have cops visit there anyway due to noise complaints, it's better if you connect with the citizens instead of just listen to the whiners Downtown.
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You know, Fnarf, if you actually went to some of the non-white events in Seattle, you'd probably have a good time.
@ 1&2 Both of your backbiting is getting kinda annoying.

Anyway, to cite just the two major examples of racial incidents in the last few months (Mexican piss and the jaywalking punch) it seems absurd to me that Diaz would just flat out say he has no intention of bringing change to the department.
In the jaywalking example, I think the girl was at fault for grabbing the officers arm, but if something like that had happened at Ballard high with two white kids as opposed to two black kids, the department would have capitulated so much faster and reached out the community to 'diffuse' the situation.
There are more issues than just race that the SPD needs to address, and I was on the fence about Diaz until that quote. If he doesn't see a need for improvement, I don't see Seattle has a need for him.
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Dear Stranger staff,

Please run an article that is just all of Will & Fnarf's last 200 comments each to and from each other.

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When I first started posting on slog I was a little taken aback by fnarfs responses to will. But after a short time I can to realize fnarf was more than justified. Still, maybe fnar should just put up a web page that says will is an idiot doesn't know what he's talking about and should post in slog anymore. Because as is, unless fnarfnis getting some gratification I wouldn't want to deny him, the posts are offernin nothing new and starting to get a little stale. Maybe even feeding the troll territory. But whatever! They don't really bother me and Im sure nonone cares if they do anywya....
That's really disappointing. I agree with Enigma: if Diaz doesn't see the glaring need for something better than the status quo, he's not going to do us a damn bit of good.

With regard to the Will/Fnarf situation, I think I'd like to see some kind of binding Slog poll where we can collectively decide what should be done. Their rivalry has been a staple of this blog for years now, but I think we're at a point where definitive resolution is called for.
@7, yours is my favorite comment in a while of the sort that appears hurriedly typed on a phone while perched on the office crapper.
"For 18 months, when the chief was interim, he never came to our community."

He never came to my community either. Why should he come to you? I don't see gays, asians, jews, christians, native americans, or hispanics demanding these perks.

President of the NAACP, James Bible, said "kids in our community don’t talk to law enforcement"

Maybe YOU need to do something about the KIDS Mr Bible. Funny how the cops need to change, perhaps it is the kids that need to change. And as president of the NAACP maybe YOU need to work on them.

ps- whomever called the punch incident racist is FOS. The cop had every right to stop himself from being attacked
Ha! Thanks. Because that's basically what I've been reduced to as of late. Still, that post was an extra-long trip to the bathroom, so to speak.


Diaz doesn't have a big personality and doesn't seem to like politics. Maybe that will make him ineffective, or maybe it will mean he's more open to direction from the mayor and council.

Seems like he's taking the mayor's lead on the nightlife thing, for example.
Here is a good example of why the status-quo must not stand and why community out-reach is important for trust-building.

A friend of mine, a prominent member of the Seattle performing arts community, who happens to be black, was stopped and asked for ID near Broadway & Pine yesterday. When asked why, he was told by the police officer, who happened to be white, that "he resembled someone wanted for robbery". My friend was co-operative, showed his ID and asked to see some evidence of resemblence. The officer showed him a picture of a man who was believed to be the suspect the officer was referring to. Acccording to my friend the only resemblance was skin color. The officer then showed him two more pictures and asked if my friend knew any of them. This is of course a single anecdote about walking while black, but it is not unusual.
Fnarf's just pissed about something else.

@14 has some very good points, and we need to remember that the cops aren't just here to make Downtown feel "safe" - an illusory goal at best - but to work for all citizens of our city.

A lot of black people make a big deal out of respect - he just basically dissed them all. He needs to backpeddle and fast - and go to a fracking BBQ or five.
@15, I'm pissed about your continued existence on this earth. Fuck off and die, Will. Seriously. At your next BBQ fall into the fire.
I am not so sure if Diaz attending any events in African-American neighborhoods such as BBQs and Church socials for outreach would enable more trust and cooperation between those communites and the Seattle Police Department. I suppose it can't hurt but it has been mentioned that Diaz doesn't seem to like the political nature of the Chief of SPD. He appears to just want "to serve and protect" and bag the political part of the job.

That said, I can appreciate the remote possibility of apprehension on the part of some officers and perhaps Diaz, himself about going to a place where they are deeply distrusted and even held in contempt. After all, 5 police officers have been killed in the line of duty by two perpetrators in Washington State during the past year. The fact that the officers were white and the shooters black is not lost. There remains a deep distrust. The "jaywalking" incident earlier this year is another example.
I think we are going to need a bigger post... I don't think 200 is going to be enough...
Thanks to a lovely script given by a generous Slogger, I now have the glorious pleasure of blocking all of Will's posts. It's made Slog a much, much better place to visit. It's also made this thread that much more amusing, since I don't have to look at his mindless drivel.
Can we have a special archive page to keep track of all the attitude between them?
@20 just follow Fnarf's messages.
All of this commentary ignores the cold hard fact that LOCAL black leaders are upset - and rightly so.

Whining about my mentioning some ways that would be construed as outreach and respect - which is key to a working relationship - won't change that basic problem. Ignoring it leads to real tensions which tend to explode.
Will in Seattle is the Race Messiah. If you really want to know what the black community thinks, you have to ask him.
"...eliminating racial profiling. We need better processes for bringing women and people of color into leadership"

Am I crazy or is this contradictory?