Pabst Blue Ribbon: In China, It's as Expensive as Unicorn Blood


PBR was the worst and cheapest beer when I was growing up in the 70's. Tried it once and that was enuf'. I wouldn't even drink it. No beer is better then PBR.
Hm, I sense some bad reporting here... (I don't mean by you, Humphrey)

These articles keep saying things like "PBR is going to China," but the first time I ever tried PBR was in China. I bought a 6-pack in Shanghai in 2003. It was cheap in price and (as you know) in taste. One of the worst beers I've ever had here or there.

According to this article "1844 is a whole new brew that’s spent some time in premium wooden casks." So this is a new thing, but where does this $44/bottle thing come from? They don't really mean the equivalent of $44USD, do they?
I agree with @1. I'll drink water before I'll drink PBR.
They already sell water in Chine. Why not?…
@2, good point, but given China's record on food purity and production oversight, one might want to take the claims with a grain of salt, or adulterated formula, catfood or cooking oil.
Otherwise, I'm with @1 and 3
What chance does the American worker have when even a bottle of our beer is too expensive?
Mixed drinks are cheaper in China than beer.
In related news, most of the fancy wine and champagne you drink from France and Italy is table wine there and goes for the equivalent of $6 to $8 a bottle.

People are ... stupid.
@8 Well, part of that is the tarrifs, so they probably figure if they have to charge more anyway why not charge a lot more and make it seem premium? Good for their bottom line.
Its bad reporting all around. The beer in that bottle is not the same blue ribbon made by Pabst here.

It is "an all-malt, reddish brown strong (15.7 plato) ale, dry hopped with Cascade (38 IBU) and aged in new uncharred American whiskey barrels,"
@10 ah. Kind of like how Double Brown Ale in New Zealand is nothing like the stuff they export to us here, then.
You have it all wrong. The PBR 1844 beer is not the same and it actually tastes good. The PBR people usually drink in the US is actually the urine of people who drink the PBR 1844 beer.
i am a beer snob who has no problem with 'pabst nights' sometimes. you elitist geriatrics.
Is charging large sums of money for crappy beer (even if it is better than what said brewery sells to us) the best we can do to "get even" with China?
Pabst is fine. If you want beer, have a pabst. If you want some overflavored, thick, bubbly drink that tastes like soap, enjoy whatever the snobs have. You don't have to like it, you just have to know that you're superior while drinking it.

I'd drink a weak pilsner over some shitty microbrew anyday. When I want to get snobby, I'll get out the scotch. Now that's something worth spending an extra few bucks on.

Fuck Heineken! PABST! BLUE! RIBBON!
@8, that's laughably false, as always. Shut up, Will, just SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Fnarf loves Will..kissy...kissy...kissy!
These are the people who basically own us? Really?
Capitalism at its finest.