Here Comes Foreskin Man


Foreskin Man's chest logo is the SHIT. I love also that the nurse sent a "circumcision imminent" alert on her secretly-a-texting-device compact.
"Intactivist?" For someone who's so quick to criticize others' typos, I'd think you'd pay a little more attention to your own.

Not saying I use the word or think it's pithy, but I don't think it's a typo.
Finally, a super hero I can get behind.
Intact =uncut.
At first glance, I thought the fat, fleshy doctor was Foreskin Man. He kind of looks like a foreskin.
Finally, a superhero I can get in front of.
Was this what Circumcision Santa* did in his youth?

*He's a portly old man with a white beard who hangs out in front of the UChicago campus bookstore when the weather's decent, displaying a sign decrying the evils of circumcision.
If this becomes a general "circumcision is evil" thread, I hope someone hijacks it to denounce female genital mutilation.
I can't wait for the issue when he fights the evil Captain Smegma!
@ 9 - LOL

@ 10 - LOL

Great comic, great thread!! :-D
This comic is on sale, will only set you back four skins.
It looks like the newborn baby has a full set of teeth.
So, what's his superpower?

His head is surrounded by a protective sheath
I love you all.
@9 I denounce female mutilation! We cool?

His power? He's so smug he'll make YOUR head explode!

He'll wrap a skin-like sheathe around your head, and you'll suffocate!

He'll beat the shit out of you until you come!
You know, I think it's probably good to move towards NOT cutting everybody's genitalia when they're born, but I never felt bad about my own circumcision in any way until people started getting all angry, gung-ho and vocal about this sort of thing.

@18 I could see you arguing against it based on the chance of an accident occurring, but as a cut man i do not understand one bit guys who whine about being mutilated.
@18 and @19 I totally agree.

he apparently has no superpower that i can find. From the comic book link: "Aided by the power of his technologically advanced plasma boots, Foreskin Man flies above the city to hunt down criminals who cut the genitals of innocent boys." WOW, and the doctor who is about to perform the circumcision on the "peaceful and content" baby: "Oh, I highly recommend it. Let's see, it will make him cleaner, healthier, safer, happier" (thought bubble) 'Blah, blah, blah... Yeah, that's it!'

It reads like a crazy, right-wing anti-abortion propaganda cartoon.

what happens when Foreskin Man gets a sexually transmitted disease that people who are uncut are two times more likely to get while remaining "intact?" (intactivist is the anti-circumcision buzz-moniker, btw) Or, when he meets up with any of the other medical problems that can arise?

the comic is actually REALLY funny.

@20 - My favorite thing about these debates is always the zealots pretending to be objective by denouncing zealotry. Also, "Genius of Love" kind of sucked. ba-zow!

That's all I have to add to this civil, reasoned discussion.
I'm still trying to make geographic sense out of this part:

>Miles Hastwick is a former corporate scientist who now heads the Museum of Genital Integrity on a small island surrounded by San Diego's famous beaches.
There are some islands in San Diego's Mission Bay (completely separate from San Diego Harbor), @22, but the main uninhabited one is a spreading ground for sewage sludge--it goes by the inspired name of Fiesta Island.
@21 - if you're referring to me as being the zealot in sheep's clothing, i think you need to look up that term again. there's nothing fanatical about pointing out facts.

MY favorite thing about these debates are the sarcastic hipsters who throw in snide comments directed at other commenters without actually commenting on the subject of the thread.

oh, and the name tom tom club, very good reference to the 1980's band, but, i was going for the "lexicon of grunge" meaning of that phrase- loser.

i wrote down the definition of lamestain.

tom tom club (according to the lexicon of grunge) means: uncool outsiders.


FINALLY, A comic book about it! That will show those stupid kids that elect for this... Wait, how is this supposed to work?
Anyone else get an anti-semitic vibe off of this?
@27 nope, just jew.

(sorry couldn't help it)