$98 Million Pledged to Replace South Park Bridge



I dont know if citizens of Seattle will want this new bridge as theres a slight chance if might have cost overruns! Better halt development and pay someone to do a push poll and use that as a club to force the state to pay 100% of the costs.

how old is the bid to replace the bridge (when was the estimated cost, well, estimated)? i would think that given the current construction climate, they might find that bids come in substantially under $131 million.
@1 doubt it.

Bridge tech like that is fairly simple, and there's nothing exceptionally challenging with the structure, location, or land rights. Main concern normally is staging area and access/usage, and we already know most of that.
I'd rather we just leave the bridge broken and pump that cash into light rail.
@ 4 - You obviously do not live or work in the South Seattle area. You obviously do not KNOW ANYONE who does.

In other words, STFU.

This is excellent news, Cienna. I'm glad to see Dow make good on his promise that he wrote large over the old County Line bar. Yes, this patchwork of building funds will make the Tiger II grant that much more attainable for us -- having been passed over the first time, hopefully we've learned from our mistakes.

It's great, too, that now we're talking about putting people to work sooner rather than later. On June 30th, when they closed the bridge, they were talking about tearing it down "maybe this year, maybe next." This is a HUGE improvement over that vaguery. (<--- Is that a word? lol)
Vaguary? Vagueness? Vagary? ...
$131 million for the convenience of a neighborhood of maybe 5,000 people, so they don't have to go about a mile out of their way?

I can think of a lot better ways to use that money.
@7, the same could be said about nearly every infrastructure project. Fortunately, Seattle neighborhoods are all part of the city, not battlegrounds for warlords.
@8 I think Seattle would be more interesting if it was ran by scooter-driving warlords.
@7 also, you're wrong. There are also the businesses there, and--I've never been to South Park myself--but on the maps it looks like the only other way out is via 99 and the Viaduct. No bridge, no 99 in 2-3 years... are these people supposed to sail down the Duwamish?
@ 7 - There's also this little company down there you may have heard of: Boeing. They are just one of the many HUNDREDS of businesses in the area that are now without a major piece of transportational infrastructure. What do you suggest for them, canoes across the Duwamish?

Additionally, police and fire department representatives have repeatedly warned that, without the SP Bridge in place, their response times to both residential and commercial emergencies are going to be severely compromised. THEY are worried about that -- is that just too trivial for you to worry about, too?

You could, I dunno, perhaps educate yourself on the topic before sharing your expert opinion?

Just sayin'.
@11: "...major piece of transportational infrastructure..."

Wow, hyperbolize much? You act as if there are no other bridges across the Duwamish.

Guess we'll find out just how major it is. It's going to be a long time before a new one gets built.

Where were all these people and agencies X years ago when the need for this project became critical?

If that same leadership had been shown then, we'd have had a seamless transition from the old to the new bridge with no interruption in service.

Sorry, but there's no congratulations, no back-slapping coming from this Seattle taxpayer. These people should be ashamed of their blindness and foot-dragging.
Great, now mentally ill, poor criminals will be better able to get to South Park to rape their enablers.
@ 13 - Word. That's the real shame of the situation. It's been known since the '70's that that bridge needed repair or replacement. No repairs were EVER done, and, until now, nothing was done about replacing it, either. As I'd hoped, once the bridge was 'killed', the guilt factor started to work, and some momentum has built for funding a replacement.

@ 12 - I challenge you to actually come down to South Park and spend a little time there. Talk to the folks, check it out - on both sides of the river. Talk to some EMT personnel. Then get back to me about 'hyperbole'.