Required Viewing: Maddow Rips Fox News


"...draw the connection between Black Panthers and SEIU..."

I wish she could find a style that didn't imitate the Fox folks so closely. I know she's telling the truth and they're lying, but the similarity makes me wonder: if she can find a way to quit using those rhetorical flourishes might that free her voice beyond the basic-cable sphere of influence?

Or, shit, is that as good as it gets any more?
This woman was wronged, and I am glad to see that this has been addressed.
That said, it is still correct that the NAACP doesn't practice what they preach. They do give a platform to homophobes, antisemities, antiasian bigots, etc. I do not understand why Breitbach chose to demonize this innocent woman when there are many legit instances (some very recent) of the NAACP condoning black bigots. Two examples: giving an "image" award to Isiah Washington (who called his gay co-worker "fag*ot" several times) while ignoring the protests of gay rights groupsand them twice inviting Farrakhan to their meetings (also ignoring the objections of Jewish civil rights groups).
Farrakhan was recently part of Tavis Smileys State of the Black Union. The fact that there was no backlash is shameful.

Breitbart took statements/facts out of context just like Louis Farrakhan did recently when he declared Jews to be behind the African slave trade. Farrakhan declared this information to come from "Jewish scholars". He likewise took quotes/facts and skewed them. The NAACP has blasted Breitbart (and FOX) but still assocates with Farrakhan (and Nation of Islam). The only difference is Breitbart unfairly smeared ONE person where Farrakhan unfairly smeared the whole Jewish race and rewrote history. His lies are far more damaging yet get a free pass from civil rights groups.
I'm no big fan of Maddow but that was the shit.
So your message is "be afraid, the scary black man Louis Farrakhan is coming to get you!" Maybe you should watch the video before typing.
@2 So true.

She also did a little slight of hand by combining the anti-affirmative action ad with the anti-civil rights politicians. Someone can have a cogent, rational, and non-racist objection to affirmative action (lots of blacks do), so by blurring those two things she paints them with the same brush, making any opposition to affirmative action look like support for racism (a la Wallace, etc.). That's not honest journalism.

Her overall point is correct. Fox News is deceptive. But her style is a lot like theirs - an appeal to the gut, not the head.
@5 Maybe you should re-read @5's post again when your ass returns your brain to your head.
@6: Isn't that an effective approach given the way Americans too typically think with their gut — not with their head?
Great - but the people who might benefit from watching this, ain't gonna watch it.
@3- maybe you should read my post before you falsely slur me as a racist. This "you-pointed out something I don't want to think about so you are a racist who needs to dismissed" is as histrionic and dishonest as FOX news.
Actually my last post was aimed @ 5.
It was MY post (3) which was full of something really scary to some people-facts- that made him go into an illogical tirade. Funny how someone can accuse you of being scared of black folks and throw in a heap of "you are a racist" insinuations yet never refute a fact that was stated
You know... I think at some point we're just going to have to start ignoring Fox. Because everytime they say something stupid or offensive, EVERYONE ELSE gets up in arms about how Fox just said something stupid or offensive. They spend hours trying to figure out the minds of these people, feeding into their energy and thus continuing this fucking media frenzy of bullshit.

Stop talking about fox news. We all know they're liars. They can't be talked over, but they can be ignored.
@8 I suppose, ratings-wise. It still turns me off, for the same reasons Fox News turns me off.

This is the problem with Maddow's particular spin, and your read of it: talking about the "scary black people are coming to get you" attack makes some people -- like you -- assume that any legitimate criticism of African American politics is off-limits. The NAACP has a history of being on the wrong side of gay issues, the African American community has an unaddressed tendency toward homophobia (see Proposition 8), antisemitism, misogyny -- and racism. That doesn't mean white people need to be afraid of black people anymore than we all need to be afraid of people with Southern accents, but it's intellectually dishonest to pretend that the main stream of African American culture doesn't contain some currents that are pretty repugnant to their ostensible allies in the white liberal community and that maybe we (white liberals) should start conditioning our cooperation in African American political and economic issues on African American political leaders taking steps to address some of that shit.
FOX News is racist! Period! And they seek to divide American's for their own political gain, which read ripping off the taxpayer!
@14. Thank you. My point exactly. There ARE (as I brought up in 3) well known figures the NAACP have given a platform to those who have engaged in defimation and dishonesty in proclimations they have made about gays, jews, asains. Breitbart should get backlash for his dishonesty, but so should Farrakhan. Instead Farrakhan gets 2 inviations to speak at NAACP events, a speaking engagement a Howard University, a "great black mind" award from Jerimah Wright, and a place on Tavis Smilley's The State of the Black Union panel. Why in god's name would someone (like @5) slur me as a racist for objecting to this? Why are Jews, Asians and gays expected to overlook things from black bigots (and those who give them a platform) that no one would expect black folks to not notice or object too?

Jane doe has posted here regularly and is an infamous racist troll.
I for one am tired of people broadening this whole thing until we lose sight of the real enemy. Yes, there are some problems at the NAACP, and yes there may be "currents" in black culture that liberals have problems with. So the fuck what? That's not what we're talking about.

What we're talking about here is a protracted, determined and deeply immoral attempt by the masters of FoxNews and certain loudmouth racist assholes to keep our society from moving forward. They want whites to be distrustful of blacks because it means they can get "their people" elected. And by their people, I don't just mean white people; I mean rich people. It's not a liberal thing or a conservative's a fear thing.

We can talk about how the NAACP isn't perfect, or how Maddow could improve, etc. But the lack of outrage in this comment thread is kind of astounding. Why are we fighting ourselves? These people are fucking evil! Get mad!

Here, I'll start: Brietbart, Murdoch and all the right-wing jackals behind the scenes responsible for this strategy--and it is a cold, calculated strategy--should be locked in a box and dropped in the middle of a leech-infested bog.
@ 17 - No evidence of it in this thread, keshmeshi.

And you're a didactic hypocrite, and an ideologue. But we all still read your posts.
@18 And thank you, schmacky, that was my point. I recommend Jane & Judah read your post along with watching this video.

I grew up and lived in the South before moving west. I had to enduring Jesse Helms for a long time. If you want to see someone who was "homophobic, racist and misogynistic" look back to the history of this asshole. As far as the politics of the South, Maddow's assessment is very accurate. Farrakhan is a favorite boogieman for the right wingers to trot out to scare white voters, so they can win elections. So, Jane in that context I saw a great deal of irony between your diatribe and the video. I never called you racist (re-read the post) this was your assumption. If you watched the video you would have picked up on my point. Otherwise, I really think you were moving the post way off topic. Moving a dialog off topic is often used as a political tactic. Instead of talking about Fox and the right wing we are suddenly talking about Farrahkan. So, let's say I was a bit suspicious of the motives of your posting as an attempt to shift the conversation.

And Judah do I think that either I or Maddow are proclaiming that "criticism of African Americans is off limits." No. Do you have any proof to back up your assessment. No. Of course this is something conservatives proclaim so, that they can say what ever they want.

Oh yeah and Luke1249 - Go fuck yourself!
that rachael is a beast.
a pure beast...
meanwhile about 20X as many Americans are watching the perky smoking-hot newsbabes on Fox as ever get a dose of maddow's smug smarm.

wonder why.....
I don't understand why people are willing to give black homophobes and antisemites a pass. Is this some kind of affirmative action w/r/t bigotry? If you're a liberal, and you think homophobia today is as bad as legal anti-black racism was in the South, shouldn't you be fighting it wherever it is?

Anyway, this whole thing's a false dichotomy created by the haters in this thread as a straw man to avoid the topic. Fox News is promoting racist views. The NAACP needs to stop getting a free pass in the scrutiny department. Black people aren't stupid and there's no excuse for bigotry among them or any other minority group.
"Yeah, but look at the NAACP's hypocrisy!"
That is a different story. Maddow never in her piece defended the NAACP or suggested that it was a more "fair" organization than any other. She in fact was not talking about the NAACP at all. So how about we all agree that there are issues with the NAACP, stop trying to derail the discussion with irrelevancies, and get mad along with schmacky that this cabal of clever bastards is manipulating people's fears in order to divide and ruin our country.