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"Thankfully, he’s seeing well enough to be able to tweet," [publicist Ross] said.

Praise Cheeses!
Was never really blinded according to doctors, but you know he's getting at least a decade's worth of "Jesus restored my sight" sermons out of this.
First Glenn Beck, now Rick Warren. If I was a believer, I might be tempted to say this is god's punishment...Of course, I'm not, so I won't make such a ridiculous statement.
'Saddleback' is like the dirtiest name for a church. I like it. It makes clear what is attempted to be hidden.
euphorbs rock socks! go team nature!
"May God use this pain for His Glory."

How is that even supposed to work? You suffer pain, which God then somehow uses to increase his glory? By what mechanism, exactly? And God is somehow not an asshole? ("Hey, thanks for the pain. My glory is gettin' pumped!) Man, these Christers are a wacky bunch.
I'm afraid 2 is right. Evangelicals have a long history of being "healed" of things they never really had (not to mention being "healed" of things that aren't illnesses, like homosexuality....where the, um, relapse rate offers yet another opportunity for healing....)

Besides which, he can see well enough to tweet, right?
Love the beer in the animals (though I can't imagine who would pay £500 for one).
That beer is 55% alcohol by volume? That's the same as saying 110 proof. I'm no expert but their method doesn't sound like it's really brewing, so they should probably call it something other than "beer."
Who will be third fool blinded? Any guesses?
Does anyone know if the blindness caused by this weed he was cutting is usually only a temporary condition?

I ask because if it is you just KNOW what will happen when he can see again. *sigh*
Brew Dog makes seriously good, oddball beers. Tate Modern commissioned a beer to celebrate their 10th anniversary that I drank the heck out of on a visit this spring. They say they create their superstrong beers by repeatedly freezing them.


The Tate beer in all its silkscreened glory:
I would have thought the name Firestick would be enough to clue one in that getting it in your eyes might be a bad idea. But then its not a super genius we are dealing with here.
None so blind as those who will not see.
Get ready for some money grubbing voodoo Jesus!
Ahhh, well done rob!
Dang, now my bottle of "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" is worthless!

Rush Limbaugh will discover his new wife is actually a daughter he never knew he had and will gouge out his own eyes.
Have ya ever had jizz in your eye, Rick? IT BURNS!!
@10 they brew high gravity beer, then freeze distill it (the idea being, I think, to avoid high temperatures that would affect the taste). It's beer in the same way I'm a jew - not kosher by the strict definition of fundamentalists, but then what/who is?

there's a rather entertaining video on their website describing the process for one of their other super-extra-high-gravity beers.
@21, if it's freeze-distilled, it's not beer anymore. Maybe ice wine or something. Most people would say that any "beer" over about 10% is actually "barley wine", but this goes even further. It actually sounds like it's made similarly to applejack, which is cider that's been freeze-distilled (originally outside, in winter temperatures).
@22 well, some people think anything that's got more than barley, hops, yeast and water in it's not beer. Myself, I call just about anything that's got *at least* that in it beer. There's room for us all.