Making Rooms: Group Show at the OK Hotel, Zach Rockhill, and Tarkovsky's Stalker


The OK Hotel...... O my starz, the memories!

Definitely gonna have to check this one out....
I had the privilege of being there for opening night of this stunning show. This collaborative effort was truly democratic in its unveiling... of the four artists involved, none seemed to stand out more than any other. They all contributed their own special form of creative brilliance: Ben Shepherd his understated, heartful musicianship; Spencer Moody his quirky and captivating poetry reading; Ryan Crase his articulated vision and curation... and, most poignantly, in my opinion, up-and-coming artist Vanessa Fiola’s beautiful installation that framed all of the performances as a centerpiece. Ms. Fiola’s readings were captivating and disarming. She is someone to look out for. I’m disappointed that this article doesn’t even mention her part in the show.
Way to steal someone's photo from Flickr and post without attribution:…

If only you had a policy about attribution and the use of photos on the blog.
Yes, Shawn McClung took some really rad photos. Thanks (SteveM) for linking to his page.
I was thrilled to have been present at the opening night of this show at the OK Hotel. I was blown away by both the vision of the four artists and the curator of the gallery for bringing this work together. I am disappointed that one of the four artists, Vanessa Fiola, was not acknowledged for her contribution in this article.
No mention of Vanessa Fiola? This is unfair, she's on the flyer, performed at the opening and even has a huge installation in the show.
read steve m's comments - past and present, almost all negative. once in a while, write something positive. just a thought.