Why Didn't Anyone Think of That Before?


With three months to go before the mid-terms I wonder if this is part of an effort to introduce publicly popular but politically impossible legislation. The sole purpose is to excite his base however when the Democrats lose seats in November they will have cover to drop it again.
*hip thrusts* I want this to be real. I want this to work.

And it is bullshit that something like this wouldn't go through just because our fucking legislature cant do shit unless which ever side has a super majority. I was too young to really pay attention during bush years but this legislature is retarded. If it is predicted to save 68 billion in the next 9 years then I don't see what the problem would be with it and why the supposed conservatives in the senate wouldn't vote for it.
Tea Baggers are the most selfish, backward people in this country. They want power so they can loot our financial system, steal people's homes and retirements and make the taxpayers pick up the bill like they have every time the Republicans have power. They also want fraudulant insurance companies to loot the taxpayers as well in the name of "capitalism" and "free markets" which is really just another name for the wholesale theft of the U.S. Treasury. Look at the deregulation of the Savings and Loans by Reagan. His Republican friends then looted the industry and cost the taxpayers billions and got away scot free. Then, years later, Phil Gramm, a leading Republican, deregulates the banks. And what happens? The Republicans loot the financial industry and send a multi-hundred billion dollar bill to the taxpayers. Anything that will, in the long run, save the taxpayers money and keeps their crooked friends from robbing America, they are against. Fight back against Republicans and their crooked Tea Bagging friends!!!
If this passes (it won't) it would keep me voting democrat in the next election than whatever random 3rd party I choose.
@1, this is EXACTLY what this is. The party is trying to get the base motivated after they royally fucked the base the past several months.

Expect much much more of this sort of pandering and you know what? Lots of people will eat it right up.
Anybody choosing the public plan is going to die anyway.
This is simply an acknowledgment of what everyone in the know figured out long ago: Obamacare, as passed, is not economically feasible.
@5-I'll take pandering to the left any day over pandering to right-wing nutjobs (i.e. Sherrodgate)
@7 - Yeah, because the oh-so-fiscally-conservative Reps forced the Dems to take out the parts that would have made it so.

"Anybody choosing the public plan is going to die anyway. "

Um, yes. So's everybody else.
They should tell the teabaggers its to pay for the unemployment extension that just passed.
Anyone want to place bets on how long it will be until some fox news commentator talks about how this is killing granny by taking taking away money from medicare. Or how it kills babies. Or how it ... something else completely made up?
Ah, "Obamacare", the preferred smear term of the right wing (never mind that making the act economically unwieldy was itself a conservative victory). Folks who toss that term around...you know where they stand politically, whether they're open about it or not.
The only good Fox news commentator is one who's been drafted to serve in Afghanistan who is then listed as a casualty in an IED.
@13: Really? Where I live "Obamacare" is spoken of as one of the great achievements of Obama's presidency, and one of the most important reasons that me and my friends are going to work to reelect him. We really, really like attaching his name to it, because it's going to be a vote-winner.
What a superb idea!
My feeling is that this will not happen because it is a big threat to insurance companies.

Our government has become one that is of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Our representatives are in the pockets of the insurance companies (and every other major corporation). That is beginning to change, but only beginning.

It is highly likely that the change will not come unless the people of the U.S. decide to participate and pay attention to what their representatives are doing at every level of the government that they elect to office.

It is time for the government of the U.S. to return to being one of the people, for the people and by the people.

I think it will truly become one when campaign finance laws are fixed so that our government representatives no longer have to kowtow to special interests to get their campaigning dollars.
@15- Really, because whenever I'm trying to defend Obama, I point out that it was Congress that made that abomination of a bill. Seriously, requiring people to buy private health insurance? The insurance companies won big time. Without a public option, they just got a license to print money.
@18 - all you had to do was to look at what happened to the insurance companies stock prices. They went up the day after the legislation was passed. Wouldn't that make you think the bill was GOOD for the insurance companies? If it was good for them, it was bad for the consumers (unless you own a lot of stock in health insurance companies).
@19 - Let's get this straight - Obamacare was NOT zero-sum. It feeds the insurance companies but cuts their balls off by preventing them from rejecting or fucking people over they way they used to. So yes, it gives lots of money to insurance companies but also places tons of new regulations and restrictions on them too. Good for everybody.
I'd love to see this go through in the next month so I don't have to answer questions about it anymore. Teapartiers are nice enough people, but they get so mad about health care legislation...
@20: Your post was accurate until the last sentence, which should read:
Good for lawyers.

Whether or not insurance companies find ways around the laws created to keep them from fucking people over (and, let's face it, they'll try - hard), premiums will rise because of the risk increase in their customer pools. So, people will continue to go without health insurance. The penalty scheduled for implementation in 2014 is tiny compared to what premiums are likely to be. This bill helps insurance companies and, to a much greater extent, their lawyers. Not the general public.

A competing public option that saves $68 billion by 2020? Show me some details and I could get behind that. Especially if it kills the current train-wreck of a bill.