Yesterday at Comic-Con: Superman Loves Fags, Helen Mirren's Got a Nice Set of Pekars, and More


The geeks are going nuts not the nerds, the geeks.
My favorite sign was god hates sentries, and the giant bender with a kill all humans sign.
It's made more awesome since I know the guys with the DARKSEID IS/ALL HAIL HYPNO TOAD and GOD HATES JEDI signs.
Got to love a good Droid - it takes nifty pics of Helen's chestables.
i just fell in love with the woman holding the 'international beer day' sign.
It would be awesome if someone dressed as General Calimari wearing a shirt with "God Hates Shrimp - Leviticus 11:9-12" printed on the front.
@3: That Hypno Toad sign had me on the floor. The FSM has had its day in the sun, I nominate the Hypno Toad & its followers for the new official Poe of the fundies.
Buddy Jesus! Exxxxxcellent.
All uses of Comic Sans are trolling. It's never unintentional at this point so save your breath and move on to bitching about Papyrus like everyone else has, latedork.
I know I'm showing my age here, but is there anyone else who read Avengers and first thought Emma Peel?
Yes. Every time I see some reference to it I think of Mrs. Peel. Stupid comic books.
This would have been such a better post had you actually restrained yourself from being yet another comic sans pet peeve boor, instead of pretending to not bring it up while bringing it up.

But at least you seem to have some awareness of what a dull thing it is to keep complaining about. Now all you need to do is shut up about it entirely next time you see comic sans.
Odin is God - read Mighty Thor #5!
The trekkie with the "God Hates Jedi" sign
So many funny geek/nerd jokes on those signs. Some more pictures here:…
About the only geek reference I got out of that was the "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite protest at the Citadel" sign. And that game came out about 7 months ago. I feel so inadequate...

I'm fairly certain that the woman holding the "[whatever] For Jesus" sign next to Catwoman is a local girl I know, though.

And am I the only person alive who has absolutely no interest in this new Tron movie? I mean, most people now know that computers don't operate by magic, so by the same rule that I wouldn't expect a Weird Science remake, I wouldn't expect another Tron movie to be embraced with open arms. But then, Disney is all about flogging IPs they already own, and not coming up with anything new...
@13, it's true. The cool kids are all complaining about Algerian nowadays. Seriously, that shit is EVERYWHERE.