Daniel Schorr


Why was Daniel Schorr on SLOG's enemies list?
I never understood why Schorr was an enemy of SLOG. Maybe SLOG just doesn't like old people.

But I liked Daniel Schorr, and I'm sorry to hear of his passing.
One of the voices of my life. As I grew older, I gained appreciation for his long view. We should all be so lucky as to continue working into our nineties with at least a handful of the marbles we were issued at birth.
Any time he would come on the radio, I'd turn it off. I'm sure he had all kinds of valuable insight, but I swear to god, the man had a voice for newspaper. I just could not stand to listen to him speak.
@4, Agreed Ben. He always sounded like there was half a ham sandwich in his mouth. Plus, the majority of times I had actually listened to him in the last few years he was in some seriously deep "get off my lawn" territory.

I wonder if NPR is going to hire a new "old curmudgeon" to take his place.
@5: Maybe they could hire Fnarf.
I have always wondered why Schorr was an enemy of SLOG. I would expect to see Keilor on that list before Schorr.
We figured that if he was good enough for Nixon's enemies list, he was good enough for ours.
Schorr had outstanding journalist experience & amazing first-hand knowledge of politics and the world. I'm disappointed, but not surprised, to see the lack of respect for a notable person on SLOG. He was the end of an era, and regardless of whether you liked his voice or not, show some respect for a fellow human.
@4 For the past couple years you could literally hear his dentures clapping as he talked. I have nothing against him as a person or a journalist but that is seriously grating and I always thought it was embarrassing that NPR kept putting him on.
FFS#10, He's a well respected and very smart journalist with unique insight and a huge amount of experience, not some dippy spokesmodel. Turn on Fox if you just want to see or hear from a pretty face.
He was a journalist in the old mold. His passing and the whole Journo-List scandal seem symbolic.
@11 I respect his skills and experience as a journalist and the important work he did for CBS and other publications in the past. None of that has anything to do with whether his contributions to NPR were interesting or coherent, which they weren't. Being an effective communicator is extremely important for broadcast media, especially radio. Respecting someone's experience doesn't mean you have to like listening to them clap their dentures in your ear while delivering a meandering criticism about something or other the current administration is doing. I hate cable news and their emphasis on vapid but attractive on-air personnel, that's not what I'm asking for. Nice try though!
@13, Notwithstanding your superficial emphasis on his voice, Schorr's career was a lot more substantial than the commentary he provided for NPR (e.g., reporting on CIA assassinations in the 1970s). I suggest you read up on some of it.
Dang, we just lost another of the good ones.

And yeah, we get it. Nobody gives a shit about substance these days - it's all about style. You can say any damned foolish thing that just pops into your head, so long as you look good while doing it.

But seriously, haters, you should HOPE to have 1/4 of the intellect Daniel Schorr exhibited on a weekly basis when you reach his age - IF you reach his age, that is.
Rest in peace Mr. Schorr.
Does it strike anyone else that keeping an enemies list, whether Presidential or webiste, is somehow sophomoric? Kind of like judging someone by their voice?
He was very elderly, guys. That's why he sounded the way he did. Jeez. He didn't always sound that way. Show some respect, will ya? Here's hoping that you're as bright and energetic as he was at 93.

I respected Dan Schorr's journalism immensely even though he did kind of show his ass once by dissing Leslie Stahl (in her early days) on TV. It was kind of like, "What do you know? You're only a woman."

He was one of the last of those legendary wartime/post-war CBS correspondents/pioneers: Cronkite, Sevareid, Murrow, Trout, Mudd, Kuralt, etc. You'll be missed, Mr. Schorr.
Daniel Schorr was a joy to hear on NPR. He was prolific, insightful, and wise. He was the last of an American breed of broadcast journalism.
@17: You're talking about Dan Savage's SLOG here. Sophomoric?

What are you, kidding?
Sad to hear this. I loved his intellect and his work, and also have wondered why he was on SLOG's enemies list? Has this ever been answered?