The Symbolic Death of South Park


It is truly unbelievable that this has happened here... That dead bridge spiking up into the air is just not something I ever thought I'd see here in liberal, 'progressive' Seattle...
At least with a bridge crazy black rapists will be able to get in and enjoy a multicultural moment with their liberal white enablers.
Sorry. I'm sorry... I'm that guy...

3: Oh shit totally, I forgot with all the hyphenation...
Merry, I don't find that surprising like you do. Although liberal "progressive" Seattle did manage to replace the West Seattle bridge after it was rammed by a ship, liberal "progressive" Seattle has been talking about fixing the "Mercer mess" for at least 30 years (and will probably still be talking about replacing the viaduct 30 years from now.)

And, in my favorite example of classic Seattle foot-dragging and incompetency, Seattle spent 10 years debating whether or not to install five public toilets and then, when it finally did install them, was incapable of preventing them from being overrun by druggies and hookers and removed them, selling them for a grand total of $12,500 (when they cost $5 million.)

it's the county's bridge, not the city's. If you weren't so stupid, maybe you'd find things more believable.