The Council's Tunnel Flip-Flop


Basically, this is what we call political Kabuki theater.

They're trying not to take down the Governor and everyone else in the Primary and General elections due to the severe unpopularity of the Billionaires Tunnel boondoggle.

And hoping they can put it up in a secret election in January that most people won't hear about, but which only tunnel supporters do - but that assumes it's not a vote of Seattle Citizens, because it's exceptionally unpopular here, especially now that people know it will make their commutes to Seattle LONGER and the streets MORE congested and will almost certainly go overbudget and result in every Seattle household - renter or homeowner - paying up to $10,000 extra in taxes - not counting the $5 each way TOLLS to use the Billionaires Tunnel which has HALF the freight capacity of the existing or replacement Viaduct or even the Surface Plus Transit option.

Funny thing is Surface Plus Transit would result in faster commute times and lower carbon impacts than the Billionaires Tunnel ...
And how much will re-building the viaduct cost? 2 billion? Instead of having waterfront property pay higher taxes to pay for overruns EVERYONE gets to pitch on and pay for it in addition to compensating for the incredible loss of parking that resides under the viaduct. No parking, no tourists and no sales tax dollars. Loss of tax revenue, added onto additional costs to compensate these businesses.

As far as what Brown said, it doesnt explain what he said. To me it means, if we dont act soon to replace or re-build the viaduct (cant repair it), then the current viaduct would become a hazard in 10-20 years. If were still arguing about a replacement option by then (its taken us 9 years to get to get to this point), they'll have no choice but to tear it down.

Folks, there is no magical solution that fits everyone's needs. Theres only a cheaper solution. The only option that connects people to 1st ave, is to re-build the viaduct exactly as it is. Still the threat of cost overuns.

In a worst case scenario, the state may decide it doesn't need Interstate 99 and kills its listing, leaving the city to pay 100% of the costs for its replacement.
It has to be rushed, else how can we know what result to expect?
Dom I'm curious if Will is simply your bitch in more ways than one. He is your most loyal lap dog replying reliably to your every utterance. Consider how many people here are NOT replying to your continuous dribble errr I mean rant about this tunnel.

Face it. You are a nobody. Your opinion counts for .0000000000001% of the overall opinion on the matter, yet due to your soapbox you wax on and on and on and on. Enough already.

There was several votes on this issue. Something needs to be done. Your voice is sounding shriller and shriller with each subsequent gasp. Your stories are boring. Readership and loyalty to this rag is waning.

Face the facts.

Pick a new topic.

Do Everyone a favor and take a year sabbatical if you need to.

But this story has no more legs. You've amputated them to their last possible stumps.
@4 gee, it's too bad for you that everything I've said has been PROVEN to be in the Draft EIS documents that WSDOT engineers have done ...


Look, this ain't rocket science. Rockets go up. Just like cost overruns - the multiple of the problematic aspects is what escalates tunneling so much - each factor multiplies the risk - when you get more than two, you're in the realm of guessing, as it gets way too unpredictable.
If the story is as "dead" as you claim @4, then why are you putting so much effort into trying to convince Dom to STFU about it?

Methinks thou doth protest too much...
Ha, ha.

This puts it back in the legislature's lap.
I think all political arrows point to the legislature taking the language out ( unless they intend to insert it into everybody else's legislation).

What does the mayor do if the state takes back cost overruns?
Claim victory?
He hates the tunnel.
The council flip-flopped, and the mayor gave them a way out, they split the baby.
@7: "Keep sticking it to them, Dom, and I swear we'll stop this boon doggle of a hogwash fuck up before it starts."

Awesome reporting! Go get em Dominic!